So many souls, not enough time

Christian’s have been given the greatest commission of all, to spread the gospel of Jesus and his plan of salvation for humanity. In the world right now there are so many people who need Christ, but there are so few willing or able to bring His message to them all. I am hoping that some of you who read this blog will consider being a witness for Him. If you are not a Christian, please find someone who has a Bible and read it. The plan is in there and the purpose for your life is in there too. Don’t neglect your immortal soul. Eternity is a long, long time. Spending it in hell would be horrible since accepting Him and His Son is what will keep you out of it! Once you have accepted Him, you can serve Him by showing others what He has done for you.

I had “accepted” Jesus, or thought I had, many years ago but it wasn’t until I went to a Promise Keepers rally that my soul yearned for Him and His word. Ever since then my life has changed drastically. I am no longer working in the vocation I was trained for, although I am still working in a hospital. I am working in the IT field now which I believe He called me to as my ministry and since working with computers is something that I truly enjoy. So now, my work is not so much “work” until something REALLY goes wrong. But, He gives me the ability to handle even those times as well.

Please consider your options and read the Bible, at least parts of the New Testament like Romans and 1 Corinthians. They contain some passages which should prick your heart and your soul. ‘Til next time. In Jesus’ name.


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