God knows you and cares for you!!

There are many who say that there are many paths to heaven. I believe that there is only one “path” and that is through belief and trusting in Jesus. Our lives are hard enough without having to walk so many paths trying to find our own way to heaven. The fact is that “we” can’t find our own way. Only through putting our trust in Jesus, like a child puts their trust in their parents, can we have the assurance of our salvation.

I have heard many people say that they don’t want to give up control of their lives to someone they can’t see and don’t know if they are real or not. God’s word is real! He and his son were both there at the beginning. They created everything around us, above us, and below us so their reality is our reality! Just because they are spirit at this time, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. You can’t see cell phone signals either, but your cell phone works. You can’t see electricity but if you grab an electrical wire with your hand, you will know that it is there.

Our creator put each molecule inside your body as he formed you in the womb. He knows exactly how you will react to certain situations, what you will do and how you will do it. He can see the future because he is outside of time and space and not limited by anything. There are so many miracles which happen everyday and all of them come from Him. God loves you and wants what is best for you if you will only trust Him. He knows who will answer His call on their lives and who will not. But, He also knows who He has given talent to for his kingdom and the specific talents that he has given them.

Our lives are miracles just because He allows us to live! The penalty for sin is death so without Jesus taking that penalty on Himself, we should all be dead. But God knew each of us and knows each of us today. He doesn’t want any of us to go to Hell, yet if we don’t answer the door of our hearts when Jesus comes knocking, we will. No amount of water, or emotional displays in the church will bring you to Christ unless you answer the call of the Holy Spirit. Your life will change and there will be no turning back. When you do sin after a true conversion, you will know it instantly and will repent because your heart and spirit will convict you of it. There are many who think they have “found” the Lord but if they came when they wanted to, it is a lie. Search the scriptures, pray a true sinners prayer meaning every word, not just repeating what someone tells you to. A truly repentant heart is the sacrifice which is required, after which you will gladly serve Him in whatever capacity you can. It may only be in your job by being a reflection of Him. You may be called to the mission field or into service as a deacon or pastor. Whatever your gift is, he will perfect it in you through Christ Jesus.

Think on these things and know that He is Lord of all.