A blessed life

I am writing today to express my joy. Not only has God blessed me and my family in ways that I never considered, but He has blessed me as well. I am not speaking of money or any material possessions but of spiritual blessings. He has revealed to me that my life is His and His alone. I am a Gideon and very proud of it, and yet I humble myself before God because He is the one who put me where I am and at the time that He put me.

My ministry is here on this blog and elsewhere so I pray that my ministry will bloom like a field in the desert after the rain. Please, consider your salvation and ask Him to come into your life. The time is growing shorter all the time and if you are not ready when He comes…..the tribulation is not going to be fun.

According to the Revelation of John, it will be a time of great upheaval all over the world, both spiritually and by other means of warfare. The “god” of this world will not stand by and watch, he will be there controlling all, even though the Christians and the church will already be in Heaven. Likely because of that fact, life on earth will get much worse than it already is. Because there will not be a restraining spirit on earth anymore, there will no longer be any moral compass for anyone unless they have given their life to God. Even then, they will have to hide because Satan and his followers will hunt them down so they will not be able to bring the news of salvation to anyone.

Your salvation, no matter who you may be or where you live, is of utmost importance. Your life is very short compared to eternity, consider where you would like to spend that time before it is too late. Don’t put it off, you may never get another chance for redemption or salvation.

There are many ways to Heaven????

I heard today that many people in America, even born-again Christians, believe that there is more than one way to Heaven. Have any of you ever been to a church service where the Bible is taught? And that it is the literal word of God?

I can’t believe that anyone who thinks the Bible is the word of God, and that it is true, could possibly think or teach that there is a possible way to Heaven that doesn’t involve the acceptance of Jesus as Savior! The Old Testament confirms that belief and faith in God’s promises were the only possibility of being justified by God at that time. Nevertheless, they went to the “pit” until Jesus went down to “release the captives” while he was in the tomb.

There are those who don’t think that could have happened but the Bible says so, so I believe it.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and The Life. No one comes to the Father but through Him. (Paraphrase of John 14:6) You can be as good as you can be and still not be able to get into Heaven. Our “righteousness” is as filthy rags to God, no matter what we think or what others think of us.

I know that sounds like a very narrow-minded way of looking at things, but the road to Heaven is narrow and the door to that roadway is narrow as well. That “door” is Christ, and He is the only way to get there. If you still doubt me, read God’s word in John, or Luke, or Romans as well. They all say the same thing, just in different words.