Eternity! That is a loooong time!

My life these past couple of years has been eventful and rewarding. God has taught me a lot about Himself and about me. I regret to say that there are still things about myself that I don’t like but I suppose God looks over them and forgives me for them. I am not perfect and never will be until I am in Heaven with Him. At which point I won’t have to worry about this world and its troubles anymore, and I will serve Him forever.

That word implies that our lives don’t end and, if you are a child of God and have accepted Jesus as your Lord, they won’t end. Oh, the earthly body will die unless Jesus comes before your time on earth is up, but either way eternity will be glorious. My acceptance of this was not easy and I did not come to this lightly. My grandparents and my parents died before I became truly committed to my walk with God. I am still not sure why I held so tightly to my own ideas and ways, but until my dad died about seven years ago, I wasn’t ready to cling to God’s way. I think God used my son and my responsibility to him as a way to get me to really commit to His service.

In reference to eternal life, whether you accept Jesus or not your soul will live forever. The big question is what will you be doing and where you will be for eternity? Eternity is a very long time and we cannot comprehend with our human mind the magnitude of it. It is hard for me to think about life as it was two hundred years ago or so. Jesus’ followers lived two thousand years ago. Scientists say that our sun and planets are over four billion years old (although I don’t believe it). Jesus is still alive and was alive before there was anything so regardless of the age of the universe, He is.

Just knowing that you will live forever is enough to make me commit my life to Jesus. I don’t understand why anyone would want to spend eternity in hell. I know that many people think that it will be a big party, but it won’t. There will be no laughter or merry-making there. If you have rejected God’s provision of eternal life with Him through Jesus, you will be in torment and agony forever. Those are facts spelled out in God’s word so they are set in stone and will not be changed. The only way to avoid that fate is to accept Jesus as your Saviour and live for Him and His kingdom.

Many people think that it couldn’t be that simple and it really isn’t. All you have to do is accept Jesus as your Saviour, then the work begins! Just because you accept Him your old nature won’t go away, you will have to struggle against it for the rest of your life. But when you get closer to Him and study his word, it gets easier because you are becoming more like Him. You are not becoming a god, but you will become more like Christ by doing His will for your life. That can be as simple as doing a good job at your work whatever it may be. As long as you are following Him and studying His word to become a faithful servant of His, He will direct your life and “God causes everything to work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” Romans 8:28


God loves us all!!

How any one can possibly think that the creator of the universe could be a vengeful and unloving God I just don’t know. He is the one who formed you in the womb from the genetic material of your mother and father. A creator who can do that for every living person has to love His creation! He already knows what color your eyes will be and your hair color too. He knows what you will look like and what your personality will be and even how you will respond to Him and His call on your life.

Our world and the solar system it resides in did not happen by chance, or cosmic accident or any of the other possibilities that have been bounced around over the years. God put everything here just the way He wanted it to be and the only reason it is “running down” is due to the sin that Adam brought into the world. It wasn’t Eve’s fault like many men today would like people to believe. God told Adam which trees they could eat from and which ones they couldn’t eat from and it was his choice when he disobeyed God’s command.

From that time on to today, the sin which was brought into the world is the reason that people die, cancer spreads and changes, disease develops resistance to treatment, etc. Even the natural world where animals turn on people and weeds grow and bacteria and fungus have turned deadly. This was not supposed to happen and it wouldn’t have happened if Adam had obeyed God.

But, God knew that he would disobey His command even before he did. God knew and has always known what we will do and when we will do it. Jesus was there at the beginning when all creation was created. He also knew ahead of time about the things that were going to take place. In His own words, “I and the Father are one” John 10:30

He cannot lie and there is no other way to get to Heaven except by accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. There have been many who claim to have “found another way” but they are wrong. Christ is the only way and it says so in the Bible. Belief in God’s only son and the grace which God extends to all of us is the only way to be saved, period! I invite your comments and I look forward to reading them. I hope to hear about your decision to accept Jesus as your Saviour and Lord.

God bless you all.

Our service is to our fellow man but it is also to the creator of the universe, God Himself.

We have a responsibility to let people know about Christ and His sacrifice for us! He gave up far more than anyone on earth has ever given up. If you could imagine being in the presence of God Almighty and how glorious service to Him is, you might have a tiny idea of what Christ left to come and give Himself as a sacrifice for those whom He suffered and died for. Our human minds cannot comprehend the majesty and beauty of Heaven nor the love of the Father which He left to come to our rescue.

That is why the book of Revelation is so hard to understand, because Jesus took John up to Heaven and showed him what must come to pass. The descriptions which John gave were the best he could do to describe what he saw and heard. The human mind just can’t comprehend nor understand Heaven in its glory. God is now giving man the insight to see and understand the prophecies contained in His word because time is growing short. Jesus is coming soon. Regardless of what the world or television media or other “news” agencies may tell us, the Creator’s patience is coming to an end.

This world has had two thousand years to come to Him and realize who He is and what our purpose is and it has largely ignored Him and His word. Mankind has made up gods or made gods out of animals or possessions or jobs or things such as cars, toys, computers, etc. Our imagination has run rampant over the past millennium or two to include things like ET, or dogs, cats, cattle, “wise men”, or men who could coerce people into following their ideals and make them think that they were “prophets”. None of these “gods” can do anything for you nor will they. There is even a “pseudo-religion” that says that we are gods in human form and that we were put here by some E T’s who lived trillions of years ago. My Bible doesn’t say anything of the sort!

If you add up the lives lived by Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan (Cainan), Mahalal, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, or Noah, the world before the flood was not here much more than two thousand years or so. Not TRILLIONS! God was around at that time, but nothing else was. Granted, I may have gotten their names out of order from the Genesis account but the fact is that our world, our universe has not been here for billions and billions of years. God can create a star fully formed as our sun is just by saying so.

The Creator…God who made all things knew that man would disobey Him and His commandments. That is why the Old Testament is the preparation for the Messiah’s birth. The entire Bible tells of His coming and of His fulfilling of prophecies about Him. The Old Testament foretold His coming and how man should receive Him and the New Testament tells of His life and death and resurrection to give all of us hope and the ability to come to our Father as sons and daughters, regardless of our nationality or race.

These are truths found only in the Holy Scriptures, God’s Word, the Bible. No other book could have been written by so many different men and women, in three different languages and all point to the same person, Jesus Christ!! Scholars may try to discredit it but there is no possible way anyone could explain how this book was written except to be the inspired word of the living God! Please read it today! Pray that God will show you that you need Him and His Son, Jesus, through the words of the Bible. It is the breath of life to all who find it and all who believe! I pray that God will richly bless you through the reading and hearing of His word and that all of you will come to know Christ.

God Loves You!!

It seems that every time I post, the devil himself gets offended. Which is fine with me as long as he leaves my family alone. I know that many people don’t think that the devil or Satan exists but he does. The problems in our country and all around the world attest to that. He has dominion over this world but God has dominion over him. The only way that he can hurt you is if God allows it to happen, if you are a Christian. Otherwise, he can do whatever he wishes until you realize that the only way to protect yourself and your family is to come to Jesus and ask Him into your heart and life.

Now, I am not saying that everything will be perfect after you accept Him but your spiritual life and your physical life will be under His protection from Satan’s influence. And that is always a step in the right direction.

Christ said that when he came into the world it would cause conflict and that we, as Christians, would be hated because the world hated Him first. His love for us is spelled out in the Bible in so many passages that it would be hard to miss.

The Old Testament is usually seen as the history of the nation of Israel and it is to a certain extent but it is also where God shows just how much patience He has. He has far more patience than any human father would and He is our true father since He formed us in the womb.

Our universe was created by God, not some “big bang” or other random events. All of us and every star and galaxy was created by Him as well. The millions of species on this planet were designed by God to do exactly what they do and for the environment in which they live. There isn’t enough time in the universe for all of these things to have happened by “random events” or evolution. God watches over all things that He created whether it happens to be something which He created in His image, like man, or not. You are special to Him because you were and are made in His image and the image of His Son! No one can take that away from you and if you would acknowledge it and accept Him as your Lord and Savior you will feel it! Like a BIG hug from your Dad, even if you never got one of those, that is how it feels when you surrender to Him. Give God a try….you won’t be disappointed!

Our life is not our own, but His!

I know I may have written on this before but it bears repeating since many people don’t seem to be listening. I am not being rude, but there are many who have not heard or just don’t care to hear God’s message. I said it at one time myself, “I am not interested.”, “Don’t bother me with that religious stuff.” “I am going to do what I want to do, whether you like it or God likes it or not!”

I was a rebellious teen at the time that I said those things but I should have known better. I grew up angry. Angry at my dad for leaving and angry because..I just wanted to be. It took a long time for those feelings to finally be conquered and it took God’s presence in my life to do it. Folks, God has more patience than anyone can imagine but time is running out. The prophecies from the Book of Revelation are coming true now or at least the ones leading up to the time of tribulation are.

Please, find a church and listen to a message from God. Read the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, let God speak to your heart and soul. Don’t wait until it is too late! We are not guaranteed even the next minute of life. Your soul may be called home right after you read this, please don’t wait. I know the attraction of this world is strong, but your life is short, not much more than a puff of wind, compared to eternity in Heaven or Hell. Your soul doesn’t die, regardless of where you end up. But if you find yourself in hell, you will wish for death and it will not come for he is already there with you.

God doesn’t want to punish people but He will be fully justified in doing so because the way to avoid it is so simple. Believe and trust in Jesus. Not just believe that He exists, I mean ask Him to come into your life and trust Him to take care of your spiritual needs. Once He does that, your physical needs will be taken care of as well. He won’t make you rich, but you will be rich in Heaven and the rewards that come after the physical body is no more. Trust Jesus, He will guide you home and He will be there now when you are hurting or grieving or when you feel that you can’t go on. He loves you more than anyone on earth could possibly comprehend. Give Him the chance to prove His love for you, you won’t regret it.

Our service…is it really all that hard?

What would you say to someone who offered you an eternity to live if you would only do one thing? Sounds crazy, right?

Well, that is exactly what God did when He sent His son to die for our sins and pay the penalty for us all. Now, if it involved some monetary gain in this life before we died, there would be more converts daily than the churches of the world could handle! But, isn’t eternal life much more valuable than that!

I know that there are those who would like for me to stop posting here, but this is my calling from God Himself and I will not stop. There are too many of you out there who have not heard or maybe you are looking but don’t know who to ask about these things. I am going to try to answer as many questions as I can and if I can’t answer them I will find the answer somehow. Fair enough?

The people of Israel know God and know about Him but some are not willing to admit that the messiah has already come. I have heard that there are some Messianic Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah and they believe that He came when the scriptures and the New Testament say He did. I hope that this is true and I pray that some of you will let me know about it. My e-mail is posted here so you can reply to me about anything which I have stated wrong so I can correct it. If I have offended anyone, I apologize in advance and ask your forgiveness.

Our Lord and Savior is waiting for you. Please let Him come into your life, He will make it so much more rewarding than it already is! The Scriptures really do spell out how much God loves all of us, regardless of being gentile or Jew. Let Him show you just how much by coming to Him in faith as Abraham did when he believed God about the promise of a son in his old age. Give Him a chance to melt your heart and write on it with the Holy Spirit who He truly is and why He loves you!

Today is a wonderful day!

Every day we wake from sleep should be considered a glorious and wonderful day to serve our Lord! He is the rock on which I stand and the one I count on in times of stress or good times too. Our creator knew us all before we were ever born because He determines who will be born and what their life will ultimately be. In service to Him or not, truly one way or another everyone serves God in some form or fashion. Even Hitler and Pharaoh in the Holy Scriptures served Him and His purposes regardless of the cruelty they both perpetrated on the Jewish nation.

Truly, even Satan himself serves God’s purposes whether he likes it or not. I am sure he wouldn’t admit that he serves God since he wants to supplant God, but he does! Every ruler, president, dictator or prime minister serves God in some way because He is responsible for them being where they are. God dethroned Nebuchadnezzar when he became too proud of his place in the world and He can do the same today to whomever He chooses.

Our world, not just the United States, needs to wake up to the fact that God is angry at humanity for rejecting His Son. He allows all of us, by His grace, to go about our lives hoping that we will see the error of our ways and repent. How arrogant we are to thumb our noses at Him and say, “You don’t exist!”, “I can do it myself!”. I know, that sounds like a toddler or someone who just doesn’t care. Truly, if we could actually see God and feel His wrath without it destroying us, I am sure that the whole world would get on their knees and turn to Him by the millions. I am also sure that there would be some who would just ignore Him, regardless.

Our time is not long in this world. I know that many people have said that over the centuries but the events in our world are proving prophecy to be right, especially those near the end in the book of Revelation. The time is now! Don’t wait until the church, the body of believers in Christ, disappears from the earth! Because when that happens, the problems you are seeing now will pale in comparison to the ones that will come after. The series, Left Behind, was written as a fictional story but it was based on the book of Revelation and the prophecies contained in it. The horrors and other atrocities mentioned in the series could be far worse in reality, so make sure you aren’t left behind.

The Time to act is now!

I have been writing here for a couple of months now and have wondered if anyone is listening to the message. I know that God has blessed those who have read and I am grateful for that, but I am hoping that somewhere there is someone who will put this into practice in their lives. I know in my heart that God loves you all and wants the best for you, all you have to do is believe in his Son, Jesus and in who He is. To many, this is just too simple and I suppose that is why it is so hard to grasp.

God’s unchanging love for all of us, regardless of nationality or the religion we practice, is evident in that He gives you life everyday! As long as you use it for some purpose other than serving Him, you are serving the enemy of God. You may not worship him (satan), but what you are doing or not doing will go against God if you are not serving Him. Many people think that if they don’t have the “calling” to be a missionary or preacher that they can’t serve God, but that is not true. You can serve Him and His kingdom by doing your normal everyday job with the joy the Lord gives you because you have Him and His Son to guide you.

He is not a task-master who cracks a whip every time you do something wrong, although the spirit within you may convict your heart of it. Some people call this their conscience, but whatever you call it, it is a part of you that cannot be taken away or shoved out of your life. If you don’t have a conscience, I pity you and those around you. God loves all of humanity because He created each one of us. That is why it says in the Bible that “the hairs of your head are numbered” Luke 12:7 and “Aren’t five sparrows sold for two cents? God doesn’t forget any of them.” Luke 12:6

If the Creator of the universe doesn’t forget even the sparrows, don’t you think He cares for you even more? Our lives were put here for a purpose, to serve Him and His kingdom in whatever we do. Many try to find their purpose in life and look in many different places, or books or even jobs. Our purpose is outlined in God’s word, the Bible, if you will take the time and the chance to read it. Don’t read it as a history book, although it is to some extent. Read it with an open mind. Most of the self-help books on the shelves just repackage the wisdom found in the Bible. Their authors dress up that wisdom in modern language, but the message and the meaning is the same. Don’t let another day go by without, at least, giving God’s words a chance to speak to your heart. The Bible was written nearly two thousand years or more before our time but the message is just as true today as it was then and just as relevant.

Our Service to Him….

Should be out of love for someone who created us just the way we should be. Your life is not just yours but it belongs to God, whether you have given your life to Jesus or not. Everything on the earth no matter what it is, including everyone who is or is not a follower of Christ, belongs to God because He created everything and everyone. There are no animals, no bacteria, no insects, or fish or birds or anything on the earth that He did not want to be here.

I have never quite understood how some non-believers could come to the conclusion that man can make himself into a god. There is no possible way, because even the angels can’t do that. They are heavenly beings created by God and they are very powerful, but they are still His servants.

Our lives are intended to be extensions of His will, even though we are not forced into this. We are to give ourselves freely because that is what Christ did. He subjected Himself to His Father’s will, not His own. He went to the cross to die for us, all of us, so that when we believe in Him and His sacrifice for us we will have eternal life with Him. It is that simple!!

Simplicity makes some people scared because they think if it is too simple it must not be worth much. YOU ARE WRONG!! Our salvation is worth the price of God’s son and His death and resurrection. I don’t know of anything that could be named that would be worth even the price of my own son’s death and being human we can’t comprehend God’s ways or His thoughts about His son’s death. Of course, He knew that He was going to be resurrected and ascend to Heaven. But that is beside the point.

Would you sacrifice something so precious for beings that reject you and your ways! Even when you have given them every chance over and over and over, that is exactly what YAHWEH, Jehovah, God did for all of us. We should get down on our knees every day and thank Him that He allowed us to even get up from our bed. These facts are hard to accept, yet they are in the Bible which is the written word of God and He does NOT lie.

Please forgive me if this post is too forceful but time is running short and if you expect to be allowed into heaven, you have to get your heart and soul right with God. Once the door is shut by God, no one else can open it.