Our service is to our fellow man but it is also to the creator of the universe, God Himself.

We have a responsibility to let people know about Christ and His sacrifice for us! He gave up far more than anyone on earth has ever given up. If you could imagine being in the presence of God Almighty and how glorious service to Him is, you might have a tiny idea of what Christ left to come and give Himself as a sacrifice for those whom He suffered and died for. Our human minds cannot comprehend the majesty and beauty of Heaven nor the love of the Father which He left to come to our rescue.

That is why the book of Revelation is so hard to understand, because Jesus took John up to Heaven and showed him what must come to pass. The descriptions which John gave were the best he could do to describe what he saw and heard. The human mind just can’t comprehend nor understand Heaven in its glory. God is now giving man the insight to see and understand the prophecies contained in His word because time is growing short. Jesus is coming soon. Regardless of what the world or television media or other “news” agencies may tell us, the Creator’s patience is coming to an end.

This world has had two thousand years to come to Him and realize who He is and what our purpose is and it has largely ignored Him and His word. Mankind has made up gods or made gods out of animals or possessions or jobs or things such as cars, toys, computers, etc. Our imagination has run rampant over the past millennium or two to include things like ET, or dogs, cats, cattle, “wise men”, or men who could coerce people into following their ideals and make them think that they were “prophets”. None of these “gods” can do anything for you nor will they. There is even a “pseudo-religion” that says that we are gods in human form and that we were put here by some E T’s who lived trillions of years ago. My Bible doesn’t say anything of the sort!

If you add up the lives lived by Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan (Cainan), Mahalal, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, or Noah, the world before the flood was not here much more than two thousand years or so. Not TRILLIONS! God was around at that time, but nothing else was. Granted, I may have gotten their names out of order from the Genesis account but the fact is that our world, our universe has not been here for billions and billions of years. God can create a star fully formed as our sun is just by saying so.

The Creator…God who made all things knew that man would disobey Him and His commandments. That is why the Old Testament is the preparation for the Messiah’s birth. The entire Bible tells of His coming and of His fulfilling of prophecies about Him. The Old Testament foretold His coming and how man should receive Him and the New Testament tells of His life and death and resurrection to give all of us hope and the ability to come to our Father as sons and daughters, regardless of our nationality or race.

These are truths found only in the Holy Scriptures, God’s Word, the Bible. No other book could have been written by so many different men and women, in three different languages and all point to the same person, Jesus Christ!! Scholars may try to discredit it but there is no possible way anyone could explain how this book was written except to be the inspired word of the living God! Please read it today! Pray that God will show you that you need Him and His Son, Jesus, through the words of the Bible. It is the breath of life to all who find it and all who believe! I pray that God will richly bless you through the reading and hearing of His word and that all of you will come to know Christ.


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