The Holiday Season is upon us, do we remember Who this is about?

All the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Running here and there getting presents, going to work or school, visiting family who we haven’t seen in months or years…all these things happen during the holidays.

But, does anyone pay attention to Who the holidays are supposed to be about? Many people think that Christmas is for our pleasure, our benefit and in some ways it seems to be, but celebrating Christmas is supposed to the be the birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

Our lives are so commercialized these days until we can’t seem to focus on much else. God loves us all and He gave us His Son to take the punishment for us all so that all we have to do is accept Him and His sacrifice and offer Him our service, our life as a living sacrifice to Him every day. Some people mistakenly think that they have to become a missionary or preacher to be a real Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth but in reality you become a minister of His when you truly accept Him into your heart. People who know you or knew you before you became a Christian will especially be watching you to see if there really has been a change in you.

You may not know they are doing it, but they are. And they will start spreading the news if your life shows a real change. They will spread the news even faster if you claim to have Jesus and your life hasn’t changed! You will be the hypocrite that everyone talks about! Your life is a gift from God. He knitted your DNA together in the womb bit by bit. You are known more intimately by Him than anyone on earth could possibly know you. He knew before you were born how your hair would look, your personality, the way you would laugh, etc. Everything there is to know about you, He knows! He also knows when you will come to Him, if you ever do! He knows that too.

Our life is one of the greatest gifts that He gave us, but the greatest gift that we have ever been given is Jesus! We have the possibility of living with Him forever and serving Him now. The only requirement of us is faith in Him and acceptance of Him as our savior and Lord.

This holiday season, go to a Bible believing church and learn about Him. He is waiting for you. Your life is a part of God’s plan and always has been. Make it a greater part by serving Him with your life and your work. Just the fact that you accept Him, makes you His servant. What you do as His servant is up to Him. You may just show the effect of Him in your life in your job or eventually you may be called to be a missionary or preacher. Whatever you do, do it for Christ, even if it is flipping burgers at a restaurant or cleaning the floors at a hospital.

Merry Christmas to you all!