Jesus only wants to come in

He stands at the door of your heart and knocks waiting for your invitation, what will be your answer? Even if you have been one of the most sinful people on the face of the earth and you don’t feel like you deserve to ask Him in, you can! Even though you are right, you don’t deserve it, none of us do! No one on the face of the earth deserves salvation no matter who you may be, not even the Pope!

Our lives are His creation and we truly do owe our lives to Him every day, not just because of the sacrifice He made on the cross. At this time of year everyone is more concerned with what they will get for Christmas, well at least those in Christian nations. Those who live in countries where Christmas is not celebrated may not think of anything at this time of year. Jesus may not have been born on December 25th but we celebrate his birth anyway. One day we will learn the date of His birth and know all about Him and His ways, but until that time we need to serve Him with all of our heart and soul and strength.

If you will give your heart to Him and ask Him to come into it, your life will be changed in ways that you can’t imagine. He will soothe your fears, wipe the tears away and give you the strength to do what He asks no matter what it is or where it happens to be.

Give Jesus a chance in your life. He knows exactly what you can do and how. He loves you regardless of what you have done in the past or what you are doing now. He will forgive you if you will repent and turn away from those things and give your life to Him. Once you do, your life will never be the same again. He loves you more than anyone on earth can if you will let Him show that love to you you will know how much that is. Won’t you give Him that chance?


Hello world! It is time!

Time to start believing in God and His son, Jesus! There is no better time than around Christmas or Hanukka to give God the glory He so richly deserves. He is the Creator of everything and everyone, there is no other. He created each and every one of us and He knows all of us more intimately than anyone else. I have served Him for the past twenty years but I truly committed my life to His work about five years ago. My life hasn’t been the same since.

Belief is not the only requirement. Satan believes as do his fallen angels in Hell. Belief doesn’t save you by itself, but following through on that is faith in Jesus and His sacrifice for you. Belief in Jesus and His saving grace which was extended to all on Calvary and at His resurrection, is what saves your soul from Hell. Many people wonder how a loving God could send someone to Hell. The Bible tells us that He extends His grace and mercy to us through Jesus so that we can escape the punishment of Hell, punishment for not believing in His grace and mercy through Jesus is eternity in Hell.

Your body, physically, dies when you die but your immortal spirit lives on and it is that which is punished or rewarded based on your decision, not His! It is you and your decision that determines where you spend eternity, not God! Even the most vile, wretched person in the world can be saved from this IF they will repent and accept Jesus into their heart, even on their death bed (wherever that may be). Please, read or listen to God’s word at a church or online, there really is no time to lose! We are not guaranteed to live past our next breath, only by the grace of God do any of us live day to day at all! I am not trying to scare anyone, but the time for Jesus’ return to take the Church away is growing near and once it is gone, things on earth are truly going to get BAD!

Think about it, please! God bless you all and have a safe and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year too!

God truly loves you!

How any one can possibly think that the creator of the universe could be a vengeful and unloving God I just don’t know. He is the one who formed you in the womb from the genetic material of your mother and father. A creator who can do that for every living person has to love His creation! He already knows what color your eyes will be and your hair color too. He knows what you will look like and what your personality will be and even how you will respond to Him and His call on your life.

Our world and the solar system it resides in did not happen by chance, or cosmic accident or any of the other scientifically explainable way, it was created by God. Whether people choose to believe that or not is irrelevant. His word says it and I believe it. I know all about the “discovery channel” and it’s so-called explanation for things as well as the “history” channel but they are both influenced by educators who likely don’t believe in God or want proof of His existence. The proof is that we are here!

There are too many variables which have to be perfect just for our existence to continue and chances or so-called “evolution” just doesn’t produce such perfection. It would take a perfect being to cause us and our world to work in such a fashion and other than God and Jesus, I don’t know of any. God’s love for us allows us to live each and every day so that when we realize who it is that is giving us life, we will respond and accept Him as our savior.

God loves us all, this is true and He wants us to know it without any doubt. The conditions for our life on earth are just too exacting for it to have happened by chance and God did that for His creation, us! If there were any way that we could create life we would have done it by now, but He is the only creator, anything that we could do would be a very poor imitation and not viable either. God’s love for us is boundless and He has immense amounts of patience but eventually the last person that will accept Him is going to and then the trump will sound! It could be tomorrow, it could be fifty years from now but I believe it will be in my lifetime and I am already near the half-century point. Be ready and willing to accept Him soon or you may regret your decision for eternity.