A bit of wisdom for today

There are many sides to the title both positive and negative. If you have nothing at all, gaining something is truly an accomplishment. If you have little, then more usually is better whether it is money or friends. I think many people would agree with me on this matter, but some would not know if they had a little or too much.

The amounts are arbitrary. Regardless of their number, it is the usefulness that counts. Twenty million rocks would do you little good if you wanted to buy a house or some land, but if those rocks were quarters you would be in good shape. With the exception of the weight and the fact that you would have to have an armored truck to carry that many quarters.

Anything is possible if you believe it is, regardless of how much you have. By that I mean that it doesn’t matter how much money, or rocks, or whatever you may have. As long as you believe in yourself and your ability anything really is possible! I don’t mean to depend entirely on yourself, even if that is what it sounded like. You have to depend on someone greater than yourself, meaning that you have to let Jesus and God into your life and allow them to work through you to accomplish the things that will benefit the kingdom of God and you too.

If we depend on our own strength, it will never be enough. We will be a frazzled mess which is why the drug industry is thriving today. Not just illegal drugs but the legal ones as well. There are so many people in the world living chemically dependent lives regardless of whether they are “hooked” on the chemicals or not. They just don’t realize how dependent they are until it is too late. We weren’t created to live this way! We weren’t created to do many of the things that we do, like work seven days a week or work nearly twenty hours per day or even work all night long at our jobs. God does understand that those things are necessary but He didn’t create us to live that way. When He sets up His kingdom on earth, we won’t have to work or live that way, no one will. Please, during this season, go to a Bible teaching church and listen to the message. You might just get something out of it that you didn’t expect, a relationship with your Creator and your God!


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