I AM…..

I AM the Prince of Peace.

I AM the Alpha and Omega.

I AM before all things and through me all things were created.

I AM the Lamb of God.

I AM the babe in swaddling clothes born of a virgin foretold in Isaiah.

I AM the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

I AM the Prince of Peace.

I AM the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world.

I AM the Lord, your God.

I AM the Counselor.

I AM the Son of God.

I AM the Christ, the Savior of mankind.

I AM the Messiah.

I AM the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I AM Jesus, son of Mary betrothed to Joseph of the line of David.

I am waiting for you to invite me into your life and heart, patiently will I guide you through your life in service to Me. If you will let me in I can show you many things, won’t you give me that chance?


At least half of every person belongs to……..?

Some more than others are controlled by their own lusts, pride, ambition or ego. There was a country song back in 1995 called “Cain’s Blood”. I don’t know if it ever became very popular but it describes the human condition perfectly. On one side is our conscience telling us that we shouldn’t be doing something we know is wrong and on the other is “Cain’s blood” , or the bad side of us, telling us to go ahead if it feels good.

There are many temptations in our world and for many people there is no way out, as far as they know. The way out is there, you just have to ask for it. Jesus provides the way and the Bible is the instruction book. It has always been there throughout history. Some people find it and embrace it, others know it is there but take a long time to embrace it. There are some people who reject it completely and want no part in any church or service to Him.

Those teachings come from God because the Bible is His word written by human hands by the prompting of His Spirit. God has led me to write this blog, although some people may not agree with nor believe that. I have never been a “writer” for most of my life until a few months ago when I started this. Now, I can’t stop writing!

Each person has the choice to make in their life which side they will follow. Nothing is ever forced on anyone regarding your spiritual condition. God left it up to us to decide. If we choose to follow Him and His Son, Jesus, we will have eternal life with Him in Heaven. If not, we will still have eternal life but it will be in torment because of the decision that we made not to follow Him. It won’t be because of anything that we did in our life here on earth. Paul was a persecutor of the early church and stood by while Stephen was stoned to death for doing nothing more than preaching about the risen Christ. So the most prolific writer of the New Testament was a murderer, and yet Jesus saw much more in him.

Your life doesn’t have to be just your job or where you live. It can be your service to Him! I would rather go into Heaven and hear the words from my Lord, “Well done good and faithful servant” than to have a billion dollars on earth. I still live in a “trashy trailer” and have all of my life. I am not ashamed of it. I would like to have a “real” house but that is not what a home is. Home is where you are loved and accepted and can enjoy being with your family in reasonable comfort. It doesn’t have to be anything more than that.  My real home is where Jesus is and I am looking forward to getting to see Him.

Today is a truly historic day

We have a new President and for the next four years he will be under watchful eyes from all over the world, as well as from God himself. It was God who put President Obama in the office which he now holds so we must respect His decision and the person He chose. We all had a part in that choice, but ultimately it was God’s choice.

I pray that President Obama will begin every day with prayer and a consultation with his Heavenly Father before any decisions are made. In that way, our country and its people will be protected by the most powerful person in the universe. God Himself.

Our President has a lot on his shoulders in regard to responsibility for so many people and commitments. I urge all Christians who may read this to pray earnestly for God to give him the wisdom and the foresight to handle all that will be put before him in the coming months and years.

Our lives belong to Him, especially when we have accepted Him as our Savior

The way the world looks at Christians, we are narrow minded, intolerant, hateful of others’ lifestyles and beliefs, yada, yada,yada, etc. The world sees us this way no matter how much we may do for others.

We are this way because if we are true to our belief, that is how we must be. God doesn’t tolerate sinful lifestyles, beliefs which don’t include Him or Jesus or those who believe that they can get to Heaven without Him.

I know this is a hard, cold way of introduction to a loving Father, but would your earthly father do any less? If there were others trying to teach my son differently than the way I have brought him up, I would be intolerant and narrow minded toward them too. Can we expect the Creator to be any different? He says all of this in His word, the Bible. Many people don’t ever read their Bible much less study the meaning in the words.

Our loving Creator has left instructions for our lives and the way they should be lived, why not read them? It is much better than any “self-help” book and covers much more than most do. I know that many so-called men don’t read the instruction book for doing things like putting something together, or how to program a VCR or DVR. But the Bible actually is the instruction book for life, our life. It will make nearly any situation easier to handle, if we let Him be our guide.

Give God and His advice for your life a chance to help. Because in all situations, He knows exactly what will happen and to whom. Let Him into your life and into your heart and your life on earth will never be the same, it will be better!

We should also realize that God is watching too!

"Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching."
— Thomas Jefferson, Third United States President

This is the very way we all should act on a daily basis. Not only as if the world were watching but as if Jesus was watching too. He is, whether people know it or not. Some of us realize it, some don’t and many don’t care. It is a sad state that the spiritual condition of humanity has gotten to the point of not caring, not only about whether God is watching but about the generation coming up is too. If you are a parent you know very well that children watch and see everything you say and do regardless of how careful you may think you are being.

Our children and other people’s children are watching us closely, especially if they know of our faith in God. People watch preachers closely, but once they find out that someone that they work with claims to be a Christian they will watch you even closer. Any little slip will be brought to your attention if not immediately, it will be brought up later. But it will be brought up. Like a child who says, “But you said…..”, particularly if they happen to be searching for something special about you and your faith.

Our forefathers founded our country on the faith and belief that all men were created by God and created equal. Some of them did not believe in slavery, others did but they were in agreement when it came to who the Almighty was and why.  Our country would not have been “born” if not for the Christian beliefs of those men who wrote the constitution and the Declaration of Independence. God ordained the creation of this country for His purpose. We may not know exactly what that purpose was yet but America is here by Divine authority to fulfill His purpose whether the people of America follow His ways or not.

There are many in this country who would like to kick God completely out of any part of ceremony whether it is the inauguration or the pledge of allegiance. Yet, other so-called religions get air time on television and other mediums freely without restriction because of the first amendment right of free speech. God is watching and knows exactly who does what and when and it is He who is in control, not us.

God loves us all. He doesn’t love the things that are being done by us, whether you are a Christian or not. Things that are wrong are wrong, there is no gray area with Him. There is no “little sin”. Sin is sin, period. Whether it happens to be the “little white lie” you told your boss so you could stay home or stealing people’s money in a fraudulent investment scheme or even by aborting your baby because you don’t want “it”.

God can forgive any of these if you ask Him into your heart and ask for His forgiveness. You must also be willing to repent and turn from your old life and move forward in your new life with Christ. There are many ways to serve Him and they will be revealed to you when you ask and seek His will for your life. Many people have asked me “How can you find out what God wants?” Read the Bible. His will for Israel and for believers is the same, turn your life over to Him as a living sacrifice daily and walk with Him. Doing this will not take away all of your problems but you won’t have to face them alone.

Our world is changing, not necessarily for the better.

The world is getting more and more violent and a good bit of that violence and hatred is directed at Christians. Maybe not so much in the United States, but in other parts of the world where being a Christian is dangerous. Our Lord is gracious and merciful to all but those who are being persecuted don’t feel it on a daily basis. He knows what they are going through and gives them peace that He will be with them no matter what. That knowledge is comforting and as long as they can hold on to that, they will be comforted.

Our job, meaning those of us who are not being persecuted, is to pray consistently for them and for the areas where they are being persecuted. Their lives are at stake and they need our prayers, especially if we cannot provide any other support. God loves them and the ones persecuting them, but His wrath will be directed at those who are hurting His church and the people of the body of Christ.

I pray that anyone reading this post will begin praying for their own salvation and for the salvation of others. Especially in countries where Christians are being killed, or put in prison, or intimidated. There are more of them than most people realize and our prayers may be the only real help they will get. God will be with them regardless, but our prayers will add to His comfort which He will extend to them.

I hope in Christ and pray that anyone reading this will accept Him and lend a prayer or a hand to any brother in Christ who is in need, no matter what the need is. God bless you all!

I am not sure what I would do without Him

This may be one of those “I told you so” posts but it is true! I don’t know what I would do or be without God and His Son in my life! I do remember what life was like when I had not accepted Him and it wasn’t pretty or anywhere near normal. I was trying meditation, incense, Eastern religions, alcohol, drugs, etc. If it made me feel better,even the slightest bit, I gave it a shot.

Then when I did accept Him into my life, it was a long time before my life and my witness for Him became real. My spirit had changed, but my life and what others saw had not really changed that much. I would hear a little voice inside telling me that something that I was doing was wrong, but many times I pretended not to hear. I “knew” I was saved so I figured I had my “fire” insurance and I didn’t need to do anything else.

Man, was I WAY off base! It took the gift of my son’s birth and his questions as a toddler to wake me up to the fact that he was watching everything that I did and said. I was responsible for him and his view of a good father and I wasn’t even close to being “good”. I should’ve been much closer to God and much more dedicated to serving Him at this point but I was still a babe in Christ. After more than a decade of being saved, I was still at the same point that I was the week after I accepted Him.

God knew it was time for me to change, actually past time. So the opportunity came and I took it. There is no getting away from God because the harder you run from Him, you will run into Him just that much faster. When God decides that it is time for you to serve Him, you will, one way or another. He will use situations or people or whatever He needs to use to get you to see things His way.

Now that I have come to know Him and what He wants me to do with my life, I have learned a lot. Just reading and studying His word from the Bible has taught me about His patience and kindness. And about His love for all of us and why we are still here. There are too many days behind to worry about the days to come. The future is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present. The past is gone, as long as we learned from it what we were supposed to learn it served its purpose.

All we have to do is serve our purpose now. Daily, you have to get up and go to school or work or somewhere. Take God with you. He is there anyway so you might as well acknowledge Him. Ask Him to help you with your problems, even the small ones. He cares enough to do that even if He is the creator of the universe! He deserves your devotion and your love just as your parents do for He formed you in the womb. He knows you better than anyone, get to know Him and you will never be alone again

How can I go on?

There are many people who may be asking this question right now. What kind of advice would you give? What would you say to someone who is hurting from a loss of a family member? Or even the loss of a job?

I don’t want to give some trite words about the love of God or that the answer can be found in the Bible although both of those do apply and are true. The words that many people need to hear is that God does love you!

I know that I said I didn’t want to give that as advice but it is the truth. The only way to see these as the truth that they are is to look around the creation of God and notice the order and perfection that is there. This cannot happen because of a big bang! We did not “evolve” from chimpanzee’s or from some primordial ooze or from one-celled organisms!

God created the world in six days! I know that is something that most scientists don’t believe but with God, anything is possible! That is another one of those things that you hear that many people don’t want to hear, especially during times of loss and grief. This is the very news that everyone needs to hear!

Our lives are the miracles that everyone expects to see, although most people don’t think of our lives that way. If God decided that He wanted to remake the world today, that would be the end of it all. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that we live because of the love and grace that He extends to us every second of our lives!

We go on because He wants us to go on with our lives. To be His creation is the ultimate joy for me because He created me and every person, every creature on this planet to serve His purpose! This is something that we all need to understand, God put us where we are at this point in time to do His will. If you don’t know or understand that, get a Bible and read it! His will for everyone, no matter where you are or what your “religion” happens to be is in that book.

He gave us the freedom to choose our way and unfortunately many don’t follow Jesus or the Bible or any of the teachings that are in it. God knows you and your decision, even before you make it. He knows this because He created you! Give Him your life, come to Him with your feelings, your problems, your grief. He knows about it already, He is just waiting for you to call Him and His phone is always on and always available. He is by your side no matter where you are or what situation you may be in. He loves you and cares for you like no one else can, give Him the chance to prove His love and you will never be disappointed and alone again!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We have started a new year and so far the same news is around today as it was yesterday, nothing new yet! Our lives are in God’s hands and He knows exactly what will happen and when, and yet we worry needlessly about things we cannot control. The weather, the stock market, gray hair, aching joints, our job or whether we will have one in the next six months. These are things that we do worry about and there is nothing we can do to change any of them. Even our job is in His hands so actually we don’t have control over it either. There are many situations where we feel in control but He is always  in control. If He were not, the whole universe would be in disarray and our world would be dead!

Fulfilling lives and our destinies in the world are dependent upon God, no one else. Your mother can’t give you those, neither can your earthly father. Only in service to Him can you truly find fulfillment in everything you do, no matter what it is. If we really want to live out our lives with hope and confidence, we should put our confidence and our faith in God and His Son, Jesus! They are in control of everything and will cause every good thing to work for those who serve them.

There is no higher calling than to be a servant of God, the Creator of the universe and everything in it. He owns everything so I would rather work for the owner of it all than the one who only has a little! A few billion dollars is nothing compared to the entire universe!

In your service to Him, think about how small we are and the insignificance of our little planet in comparison to the universe. Yet, He knows you more intimately than anyone on the earth! He knows all of us on this planet just that intimately because He created us. He formed us in the womb and knows everything about us and our future selves. All the science and mathematics in the world can’t explain why your personality is what it is or why, but He knows and He knew it before you were born!

No matter what your age or what “religion” you happen to believe in He still knows you and He will call on you at some point in your life. Listen for that call, it will be repeated until He has your attention no matter how He has to get it. Your Heavenly Father loves you and is waiting to hear from you. Make the decision today to come to Him in prayer, even if you have never prayed before, He is always by your side regardless of what you may have done in your life. He will forgive you if you will repent and believe in Him. That is all He asks!

Once you do that, He may inspire you to write or preach or be a missionary. Then again, you may just be a changed person and inspire someone where you work with what they see in your life. It could be a different job that He wants you to have but He has to have you first before you will be able to do it. Our Creator and our God is the best boss you could ever hope for because His retirement plan is eternal and has already been paid in full, it is not affected by the economy or the stock market either. Give God a chance in your life and you will never regret it!