Our world is changing, not necessarily for the better.

The world is getting more and more violent and a good bit of that violence and hatred is directed at Christians. Maybe not so much in the United States, but in other parts of the world where being a Christian is dangerous. Our Lord is gracious and merciful to all but those who are being persecuted don’t feel it on a daily basis. He knows what they are going through and gives them peace that He will be with them no matter what. That knowledge is comforting and as long as they can hold on to that, they will be comforted.

Our job, meaning those of us who are not being persecuted, is to pray consistently for them and for the areas where they are being persecuted. Their lives are at stake and they need our prayers, especially if we cannot provide any other support. God loves them and the ones persecuting them, but His wrath will be directed at those who are hurting His church and the people of the body of Christ.

I pray that anyone reading this post will begin praying for their own salvation and for the salvation of others. Especially in countries where Christians are being killed, or put in prison, or intimidated. There are more of them than most people realize and our prayers may be the only real help they will get. God will be with them regardless, but our prayers will add to His comfort which He will extend to them.

I hope in Christ and pray that anyone reading this will accept Him and lend a prayer or a hand to any brother in Christ who is in need, no matter what the need is. God bless you all!


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