We should also realize that God is watching too!

"Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching."
— Thomas Jefferson, Third United States President

This is the very way we all should act on a daily basis. Not only as if the world were watching but as if Jesus was watching too. He is, whether people know it or not. Some of us realize it, some don’t and many don’t care. It is a sad state that the spiritual condition of humanity has gotten to the point of not caring, not only about whether God is watching but about the generation coming up is too. If you are a parent you know very well that children watch and see everything you say and do regardless of how careful you may think you are being.

Our children and other people’s children are watching us closely, especially if they know of our faith in God. People watch preachers closely, but once they find out that someone that they work with claims to be a Christian they will watch you even closer. Any little slip will be brought to your attention if not immediately, it will be brought up later. But it will be brought up. Like a child who says, “But you said…..”, particularly if they happen to be searching for something special about you and your faith.

Our forefathers founded our country on the faith and belief that all men were created by God and created equal. Some of them did not believe in slavery, others did but they were in agreement when it came to who the Almighty was and why.  Our country would not have been “born” if not for the Christian beliefs of those men who wrote the constitution and the Declaration of Independence. God ordained the creation of this country for His purpose. We may not know exactly what that purpose was yet but America is here by Divine authority to fulfill His purpose whether the people of America follow His ways or not.

There are many in this country who would like to kick God completely out of any part of ceremony whether it is the inauguration or the pledge of allegiance. Yet, other so-called religions get air time on television and other mediums freely without restriction because of the first amendment right of free speech. God is watching and knows exactly who does what and when and it is He who is in control, not us.

God loves us all. He doesn’t love the things that are being done by us, whether you are a Christian or not. Things that are wrong are wrong, there is no gray area with Him. There is no “little sin”. Sin is sin, period. Whether it happens to be the “little white lie” you told your boss so you could stay home or stealing people’s money in a fraudulent investment scheme or even by aborting your baby because you don’t want “it”.

God can forgive any of these if you ask Him into your heart and ask for His forgiveness. You must also be willing to repent and turn from your old life and move forward in your new life with Christ. There are many ways to serve Him and they will be revealed to you when you ask and seek His will for your life. Many people have asked me “How can you find out what God wants?” Read the Bible. His will for Israel and for believers is the same, turn your life over to Him as a living sacrifice daily and walk with Him. Doing this will not take away all of your problems but you won’t have to face them alone.


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