Life in our time

We should be grateful and humble that we are living in this time and in the United States of America. Our lives would be totally different had any of us been born in another country. I do realize that there are some who may read this from other countries so please forgive me for sounding like I am a bit too proud to be an American.

Our country and the world around us is in a financial mess that is likely to get worse far quicker before things get better. I am not a financial guru so I cannot give advice, though many people do that these days and their advice is not much better than what most have heard their grandparents say. Which was good advice but only if it is followed. The place that most of their generation got their knowledge from was the Bible and that is where we need to go back to. There are people who claim to be atheists or even wiccans who when faced with something that they know their belief doesn’t address they will call on God. How do you think He feels about that?

His patience and love for us cannot be understood unless we read the Bible where it is shown over and over again to the Jews but also extended to the rest of us, the Gentiles. Our life would not be what it is if He did not love all of us. We would likely be very different people than we are because He would have started over. He is the creator after all and can do anything He wishes to do with His creation.

The attitude of some against Christians as well as the beliefs we have is unbelievable to most of us. Of course the world doesn’t accept us because it rejects anything which makes it accountable for its actions, good or bad. It is truly sad to think that the only way that most of the world who aren’t Christians will ever see us as we are will be at the throne of Christ when He returns.


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