What do you think God feels…….

When we decide not to trust in Him or when people kill each other for reasons that no one can understand, but God. When babies are aborted for selfish reasons like convenience. They are a gift from God regardless of how we feel about them. He cannot and will not stop us from doing these things even when He doesn’t like them. Our life and the lives we have been given on earth are gifts from Him. What we choose to do with them is our choice. No matter what the choice is, good or bad. That is why when people ask me, “Where was God when all those children were tortured or killed in those countries”, the only answer is that He was there in the midst of it. His anger won’t blaze against us for these atrocities until the time when He comes back to judge humanity for our sinful deeds.

What about the children that are beaten and abused, physically, sexually or verbally in this country? He doesn’t turn a blind ear or eye to them either. Their parents or guardians will answer for their crimes as well. Our lives are not lived out on earth unnoticed, God knows what happens in each of our lives whether it is good or bad. He also knows how we will respond in each situation. That is why He knows who will come to His call and who will not, but He calls anyway. Just as when you ask your child to do something. You know how they will respond because they are yours and you have been with them since they were babies. God knows us even more intimately than that because He formed us in the womb and knows exactly what kind of personality we will have as we grow.

No one can run from God because every time you try, no matter how hard or how far you go, you will run into Him. He is everywhere, even in places that you may not think He would be. He never gives up on us even when we turn our back to Him. I have heard people who claim to be “atheists” give a better testimony for God than some Christians. One even said that if hell is the place that the Bible says that it is, we (Christians) should be trying really hard to get people to listen to what we have to say. Do we do that? Has there been a true revival in our country or the world? I haven’t seen any evidence of it. In fact, many people have pulled away from the church in the past forty years or so. Recently, there are many people who are seeking and coming to church but there are more leaving the church than are coming into it. At this point in time, that is really sad. But, it is part of the prophecy in Revelation that there would be a “falling away” and that it will get worse before the end.

When the final person who will accept Christ does so, I believe that it won’t be long before He comes to get the Church and then things will really get rough for everyone. Read John 3:16 and Romans 8, they will help explain some things. I pray that all who read this will ask Jesus into their hearts and ask for forgiveness for their sins. Then the real revival will begin.


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