I pray that Penn will learn the truth of the Bible

I have seen some of his video’s that belittle our faith and question the validity of the Bible and that is OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Our lives here on earth are for service to God, not just ourselves. Of course, most of the world seems to think otherwise but that is the point of this blog! If we don’t at least try to get the message out about Jesus and His love for us, we are doing Him a disservice and we are not living up to the commission that He gave to His disciples to go and preach. If Penn has hardened his heart and his beliefs so much that the Spirit can’t reach him, then he has no hope and I will pray that it has not happened.

He may be an atheist but this video shows that we can touch anyone’s heart. I pray that someday he will come to Jesus and stop belittling Christians and their faith. I know that according to the scientists and other “religious” people that the Bible has some points in it that may contradict acceptable behaviour today. The book itself was written by more than 60 authors over three thousand years and yet they are all pointing toward the same message and the Saviour, Jesus.

If you could find 60 scientists to write about evolution or biology, none of them would agree or even be writing about the same message let alone being separated by hundreds of years or even a thousand and still have the same message? Not possible!


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