Life as we see it

“My life is mine to do¬† as I will!” This is the position that most people have about their lives and that is fine except that is not the way that God intended. We have the ability to choose, but we should be seeking Him and His way for our lives. I have noticed that many people profess to be Christians but their lives do not show it outwardly. In many people’s lives the world cannot see any change in their life at all and that is sad.

Sad because in the end it is going to send them to hell. Sad because it is going to rob them of the joy of serving God now and forever. Sad because the people that they come in contact with, in this life, will think that Christians act this way and that they are hypocrites.

Our service to God should never be a question which needs answering, it should show in and through our lives and our actions. If your walk and your faith do not show, how will anyone know? Jesus called all of His followers to be in the world but not of the world so that we can be examples of His teachings. If we are not living our faith, then don’t claim it! Don’t tell someone that you are something that you can’t show by your actions! If your faith is too weak, ask God to increase it and help you to be more like Him. He always answers a prayer such as that, especially from a Christian who is slipping from the path and needs to be nudged back up on it.

God loves us all, prove to Him that you can love Him in return!


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