Life is hard and it’s going to get worse!

In the economic times that we are living in, anyone with a job had better be satisfied with it or decide to be satisfied with it. The first six months of a new administration is always an uncertain time regardless of the political party involved. This has been true of Republicans as well as Democrats, so people who are playing the blame game trying to pin the problem on one or the other, are just wasting their time and everyone else’s.

The Creator, God, who made everything and controls it all, is the one who put each government into power and those who are in power are doing His will whether they know it or not. Nothing happens without His knowledge, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to be at the time. Some people may ask, “Why does God allow suffering or murder or any of a thousand other atrocities which happen in our world everyday?” He allows it because He doesn’t control us!

We are the ones who commit those crimes every day and most are committed by people who do not know God at all! They may know of Him, but knowledge doesn’t make you a Christian. Believing in Him and His son, Jesus, does! The decision to follow Jesus is easy but the “following” is not. Our old nature tries to take over every second of every minute and if you do not decide to truly follow the teachings found in the Bible, you will not be a successful follower of Christ!

Once you truly decide to allow Christ into your life and your heart, it does become easier but the temptations never really go away. Satan is in control of this world but he is also under subjection to God so anything that he does is still in God’s will and His purpose. Humanity chooses to do whatever evil or good is in their hearts to do at whatever time they choose to do it. We are not controlled like robots, but only watched over by God. He loves and cares for us all, just like any loving father would for his children.

God put the universe together and He lovingly knitted your DNA together, just like He did with everyone else on this planet. He knows you far better than you know yourself and He would like to have a relationship with you if you would let Him. Give God a chance to show you what He can do with you and for you because no one else can do what He can!