I am not sure what to do with my life

There are many answers to this question although very few of them seem to be the right answer at the time. The answer that most people are looking for is one that is very subjective and dependent upon the individual.

If you are a teen this question is put to you by your parents, your school counselor and your teachers as well as your peers. Adults ask this question after they have been working for a while and seem to have hit a wall that their career won’t go over. Kids younger than thirteen ask it, but it is a very confusing question since they aren’t sure what they might be interested in later on.

For older adults who have retired, they usually are looking for something to relieve the boredom since they left the workplace. Is it possible for you to consider volunteering at a shelter or your local church? I know that volunteer work is not a very lucrative way to have meaning in your life but it would expose you to other people and possibilities. Being of service to someone or performing a service at a shelter or church is an unselfish way to open up to other people and their needs. Helping someone with their grocery shopping or with their computer may show you that you have gifts and talents in other areas.

Our life is hard enough when we don’t have problems but when someone needs help and you can help it is very gratifying. Jesus was the ultimate helper and His example is one we should all follow. I know that we can’t do it on our own without His help and strength but if you ask for the strength from Him to do what needs to be done, He will answer. There are many ways that we can be more like Him, but only if we let Him work through us. Won’t you give that a try and ask Him into your life? Your life will be so much more with Jesus in your heart and you will be too!