Father….Dad…Daddy, which one are you?

Those of us who grew up without a dad in our lives knew what we wanted from him. Even when we didn’t get it, the “it” was usually his love or approval of us in one way or another. The lives of those who had a father who was present in their lives were very different from ours. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse depending on the type of father you had.

Jesus had a Daddy who was always with Him no matter where He was or what He was doing. That is why He called Him, “Abba, father”, which literally means Daddy.

Being a Daddy is one of the most rewarding and satisfying “jobs” you will ever have. Though it can be frustrating at times. In our relationship to our dads as well as the relationship between us and God, our Heavenly Father, we are rebellious. We are not truly able to be cooperative, no matter which father we are trying to please, at least not on our own. It just isn’t our nature to be that way.

Our job, as fathers, is to raise our children to know God and His Son. If you aren’t doing that, then you are not fulfilling your purpose. We are put here and gifted with children so that we can raise up the next generation to know God and His Son, Jesus. Though there are those who are teaching their children contrary to this. Christianity is the only way to get to Heaven and belief in and acceptance of Jesus is what makes us Christians.

You cannot buy your way or work your way into Heaven. You cannot do anything by yourself that will get you admitted into Heaven. You can easily go to hell, not by killing someone or by cheating on your spouse or on your taxes, just by ignoring God and leaving Jesus out of your life and the life of your family.  By doing this you have condemned yourself and possibly your family as well to an eternity in hell. This is scary stuff folks. Hell is not going to be a fun place and there will never be a time when you won’t be able to feel the heat. Once you are there, it is for eternity! There is no reprieve and no “Get out of jail” cards!

Be a true, strong, loving Dad or Daddy. Get on your knees and ask Jesus into your heart and then lead your children to Him as well. Our strength comes from the one we trust and who could possibly be stronger than God!!