When we are serving God, what should our attitude be?

Should we be truly humble….yes. Should we be servants….yes. Is our life to be His alone? YES!!

This is something which most of the world would call crazy. Why would you give your life, daily to someone who is dead! Well, He isn’t dead! That is the point, really. All of the other so-called “gods” are dead. Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, they have been dead for hundreds of years. Jesus is alive and sitting at the right of God the Father and always has been. We are His creation. Not only us but the entire universe including all of the stars and galaxies and the plankton and bacteria.

Nothing “evolved” in our cosmos, it was all created with the “age” that it seems to have because that is the way God wanted it to be. He did not create Adam as a baby but as a grown man and He did the same with everything else. If He chose to do it now, He could. Science doesn’t believe this because it seems too simple to explain, but it is true because He said so in His word the Bible.

I have read accounts of so-called “carbon dating” of freshly cooled lava which showed an age of hundreds of thousands of years and sometimes more. Scientists would say it was due to the rock coming from the interior of the earth but I don’t buy into that.

Our lives and the life on this world was put here purposely by the will and word of God, nothing else. Evolution didn’t happen and has been proven, although many would deny it, to be impossible. It is statistically impossible for all of life on this planet to have evolved from a single-celled organism which grew from a pool of amino acids that just happened to come together to form protein molecules which then organized themselves into DNA. Even scientists know that life and death tends to go from complex to simple not the other way around. Things break down they don’t build up on their own. If that was the case I could take some eggs and flour and sugar and throw them into a blender and come out with a cake with decorations and candles on it.

Our service to God doesn’t happen all at once when we decide to follow Him. Our Spirit has to teach us something about Him and our service to Him and when we are mature enough, the service is a natural part of our being. It is not hard but it isn’t easy either. It is a process just like planting a field and it takes time. Nothing is ever gained by fast growth except a field full of weeds.

Good crops, like mature Christians, take time to grow, but you have to invest the time in Bible study, prayer, fasting, and more prayer. Living a true servant’s life to Christ and for Him is not the easiest way but it is the most rewarding. Part-time Christians are not what Christ wants. How would the gospel have been spread if Peter, James, John and Paul decided to work only on Wednesday’s or Sunday? They wouldn’t have gotten very far would they? The Good News of Jesus wouldn’t have been spread to most of the known world if they had been part-time servants.

Our lives, short though they may be in comparison to eternity, are given to us to serve Him while we are alive on earth. Even though we will serve Him for eternity He desires our service here in order to bring others to Him. We are called to go and tell and if we don’t we are not being faithful to our calling as Christians.


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