So many challenges, can we meet them all?

Yes and no. Our lives, as Christians, are under scrutiny on a daily basis. Not only to walk the walk that we claim in Jesus, but to do it without complaint and in some people’s eyes without stumbling. Unfortunately, we are not made perfect enough for that. In and through Christ’s spirit, we are able to do all that He commanded us to do. The real challenge is to be connected to Him, in Spirit, daily.

By that I don’t mean prayer time in the morning or at night, although that is part of it. There are too many people who only get in touch with Him in that way and many who do, do it only once a day. God wants us to be in touch with Him on a continuing and constant basis. In our society today many would say that that kind of communication is impossible because of how stressed our lives are and how many other things we have on our plates.

Through His spirit and by submitting our lives to Him daily, we can do all things. Even our jobs and the job that He has commanded us to do can be done at the same time, if we will allow Him to work through us. Our walk with Christ and through Him, can reflect His holiness and His attributes in and through our lives. I am not implying that we are holy, but His holiness is what others should see in our lives.

Your life in this world is temporary and our lives are not long enough to attempt to do things our way all the time. The sad fact is that when our earthly lives are over, our eternal life begins. I say that is sad because for some, they will be separated from God and Jesus forever. For humans, it is impossible for us to comprehend time as more than our lives provide for us. We can understand one hundred years, we can, in theory, understand how long one thousand years is. Any amount of time that goes beyond that cannot be understood by us.

We have been taught about millions and billions of years in high school “history” and science classes but we cannot wrap our finite minds around those numbers. Even our imagination is incapable of grasping time in such huge amounts, but even those pale in comparison to the prospect of eternity. You will either spend it serving and praising God or in torment and agony because you rejected Him. Which would you rather do? Choose Jesus and service to Him. The rewards following your life on earth will far outweigh any amount of wealth that can be amassed during your lifetime.


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