Telling people about Jesus, should we do that today?

Jesus said before He went back to the Father, “Go and tell others” (paraphrased). Are we doing that? How are we doing that? Do you live according to principles that you have learned in church or from the Bible? Does your life reflect Him or does it reflect your interests and your life instead?

If you are a Christian reading this, do you tell people about your faith and why you have it? Our life, on a daily basis, should be a witness to Him and should reflect what Jesus taught His disciples while He was here. Those principles and teachings haven’t changed. The world has changed, people have changed, politics and governments have changed dramatically but God’s Word and the teachings in it have not changed.

Living according to those teachings is not easy now nor was it easy at the time Christ taught His disciples. The laws of God are still relevant today just as they were when God gave those laws to Moses before the Torah was written. Living according to those precepts has never been easy but with faith it can be done. Not in our own strength but with strength from Him.

If you are searching for answers to questions that have been bugging you, the answers you seek are in the Bible. I don’t know where to tell you to look, but there are many answers in God’s Word to any or all of life’s questions. There are some Bibles today which have topical indexes in them which will guide you to the place you may need to go.

God wants to know you from your side, He already knows you from the inside out. Once you give your heart to Him and begin living according to His principles, He will get to know you even more personally. He will be your true Father. He did form you in the womb you know! Read Romans chapter 8 and following. When you finish with it, pray for understanding and that He will reveal Himself to you even further.

Our Creator loves us all and He knows exactly when and where you are at all times in your life. The only separation that is between you and Him is YOU! Give God a call. The minutes are free and unlimited and they never expire.


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