Lives touched by love

In your life here there are many who

come and many who leave. Those who

love and who give love to others, in whatever fashion,

are those that leave behind memories.

Our lives are and have always been touched by

the true love from our Creator. Because we are

His creation, His children, we are to show His love

to others.

He gives each of us a measure of faith, hope and love.

The greatest gift of these three is and always will be love.

Show the love of God and Jesus to someone during this Christmas season.

You never know, you might be showing your love to an angel sent to

check up on you.

If your life is not or has not been touched by love, reach out to

Jesus. He loves you more than anyone on this earth ever could.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Division is great in math class but not in the Church

In the past one hundred years the Church has been divided so many times that it is nearly unrecognizable today. Christians, regardless of denomination, have become too permissive and meek. We allow people to run over us and around us in the guise of being “politically correct and inoffensive”.

Jesus said that He came to put friends and family against each other because of Him and His teachings. We are not to be so meek that we are run over by every religion that claims the title of religion. Just because Jesus said that the “meek shall inherit the earth” doesn’t mean that we take it to an extreme!

I am sure that there are some real Christians in our world today that could be called friends of God but they are so few in number that they would not fill the sanctuary of a small church!

Our life is to be in service to Him regardless of the occupation that we have and being divided in doctrine or belief in the authenticity of the Bible is not the way to do it. There is no middle ground of service you are either serving God or Satan, you cannot serve both.

The Bible is the true and inspired word of our Creator! Those who disagree with this are challenged herewith to find at least 66 authors from all different walks of life. Without telling them what to write about other than to say that they must all be in agreement and have their stories point to one truth alone, have them to write a coherent book which will rival the Bible. Even if our lives were un-naturally long, there would be no possibility of this book ever being published in a coherent form within the next one thousand years!

The Bible spans about fourteen hundred years and tells of history back to the beginning of the earth and yet the story points to one Savior, Christ, who will fulfill all of the prophecies in Himself and through His ministry and His death and resurrection will be the salvation for all of mankind who have been called by God.


Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

Our lives are touched daily by people that we know and some that we don’t, but the ones who make a lasting impression are friends. I claim Jesus as my friend and I hope you will too.

The friends which we have around us are those that we have found through work or school or in other circumstances in which we find ourselves. Whether it is through an accident, military, or other types of operations which puts us together, they are the ones that we rely on and miss the most when they are absent. The length of absence doesn’t make any difference between friends, there is always some common bond between you that will be there regardless of the circumstances life throws at you.

I had such an encounter recently with a friend that I haven’t seen in almost thirty years. Yet there was a bond which spanned that time and made it seem as if it wasn’t a concern. This friend and his family are important to me in ways that they do not realize and when the patriarch of their family moved on to his heavenly home it saddened me. But, I still feel joy because of it. I know that we will see each other in Heaven and we will have an eternity of service to our Lord together.

The friendship which Jesus offers to all is closer than those which we have here during our lifetimes. As God’s word says, “ I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6. This is the kind of friend we need, now more than ever in these troubled times. I pray that anyone who reads this will take this message to heart and accept Jesus into their lives so that you will have a friend forever!

Service is only service if you serve!

If you are a religious person, who/whom do you serve? No person on this earth serves no one. Some may think that they only serve themselves, but they are being fooled by the original trickster, Satan himself. As long as your priority is yourself and no one else you are serving his purposes and him indirectly. We were not put here to be his servants. We were all put on earth to serve the Living God!

Our lives are but small puffs of wind compared to eternity so why not serve the One who created it all, God! He gave us a choice to do so or not but once you realize that your life is worth nothing if you don’t believe in Him and His purposes, it takes on a completely different meaning. Because your life has meaning in service to Him!

There are so many “priorities” vying for our attention on a daily basis until it is easy to miss the one that is most important. There truly is a small voice from God which is there you just have to listen with an open mind and a contrite heart. Being willing to do whatever that voice says and not wavering will get you great rewards in the end. Read the Bible, hear the wisdom in its words, get an mp3 Bible and listen to it. You won’t be disappointed or bored and your soul will shout for joy!