Service is only service if you serve!

If you are a religious person, who/whom do you serve? No person on this earth serves no one. Some may think that they only serve themselves, but they are being fooled by the original trickster, Satan himself. As long as your priority is yourself and no one else you are serving his purposes and him indirectly. We were not put here to be his servants. We were all put on earth to serve the Living God!

Our lives are but small puffs of wind compared to eternity so why not serve the One who created it all, God! He gave us a choice to do so or not but once you realize that your life is worth nothing if you don’t believe in Him and His purposes, it takes on a completely different meaning. Because your life has meaning in service to Him!

There are so many “priorities” vying for our attention on a daily basis until it is easy to miss the one that is most important. There truly is a small voice from God which is there you just have to listen with an open mind and a contrite heart. Being willing to do whatever that voice says and not wavering will get you great rewards in the end. Read the Bible, hear the wisdom in its words, get an mp3 Bible and listen to it. You won’t be disappointed or bored and your soul will shout for joy!


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