This past year has been good for some……

I’m not sure exactly how to describe the year 2009. It was the first year of Pres. Barack Obama’s presidency which some people consider a true victory. For others, this year has been a very hard year especially those who are unemployed, or those who have family deployed overseas in military operations or those who have lost a loved one because of those military operations. There have also been many "good people" who died this past year due to age or accidents or other causes.

I don’t like to think about death, especially during holidays, but since it’s a normal part of life I suppose it’s always in the back of everyone’s mind. I’m sure there are many people who don’t really know where to turn when a tragedy strikes, if you can call death a tragedy. In some cases those who have died have lived a very long productive life, while others have died far too young. Yet in all cases we who love them are not ready to let go even if we know that they are going to a better place.

It is during times like these that we have to turn to God for our comfort and our strength, because the strength that we have is not enough. I have seen many people who try to ignore the grief and pain they feel when they lose someone but eventually it can take a terrible toll on your body if you do not let it out.

God loves us all, even if we have to go through some trials and tribulations here on earth. Christians can rely on the Him for their strength but people who do not have faith in God only have their own ways of dealing with grief, loss and pain which sometimes can cause more pain. Jesus came into the world to give us hope and strength through relying on Him so that we will be able to serve him and whatever capacity that we are called to.

In God’s word, the Bible, you can find wisdom, hope, and much more useful information than you could find in most any library on earth. The Bible itself may be over 2000 years old but the information contained within it is timeless and is still relevant. There have been many people in the past few years that are trying to take all references to the Bible out of our society and our culture. As Christians in America we should not allow that to happen, in our service to Christ we cannot allow that to happen.


The Christmas season, joyous for all?

During this season of the year many people go through hunger, heartache, grief, anger and frustration. Some of these are caused by the season itself, some are caused by disease, war, famine and yet some of these problems are actually caused by humanity itself. Our inability to see you the needs around us or to take notice of those who are in need because of our selfishness.

Even in America there is hunger, homelessness, grief over the loss of a loved one because death does not take a holiday. The homeless depend upon the charity of others for their next meal them for shelter from the cold, the hungry just need to be taken care of until they can take care of themselves. Because most of the hungry in this country are children. In America we grow enough food to feed millions and yet children go to bed hungry almost every night somewhere in America.

God truly has blessed America but if we, as a nation, keep going down the road that we’re on I fear that the blessing will be taken away. We don’t revere God as much as we used to in fact there are more people bent on taking all reference to Him out of the public eye and as far from the government as possible.

I am proud to be an American but in the past few years, I have not been proud of some of the things we do at home, in our movies, or to each other on a daily basis. The moral character of our nation and its people is crumbling. Our education system was formed from the beginning of our country to bring up the children to know God and now we have taken God and all reference to him out of the schools. I have heard many people ask the question "Why is our nation in the trouble that it’s in?", and the answer lies in the fact that we don’t teach our children anymore.

God loves us all and He does want the best for us but, as the children of Israel found out, when you turn your back on God and chase after other gods He will punish you and I believe that America is beginning to be punished. Even with a revival and a turning back to God, I don’t think that we could stay His hand. Like a parent with an unruly  child, there has to be discipline at some point.

The only possibility for us to truly change is for our country as a whole to turn back to God. It would truly take a miracle but if we all pray for this to happen, earnestly and on our knees, I do believe that revival is possible. Please get into the New Testament, read the book of Romans and pray over it. God will hear you, He always does.

Do you know God?

If you go to church and if you read your Bible, can you know God the way that he wants you to know Him? Our lives are extremely hectic today and in many ways we don’t have the time to truly get to know God. I think He would really love to get to know each and every one of us. According to His word, the Bible, that is exactly what He wants.

Today it seems that those that He created have no interest in learning about or getting to know Him. Our Creator, the Creator of all things, cares deeply about each and every one of us. Otherwise He wouldn’t have placed us on such a perfectly sized planet, in a perfect orbit around our Sun. Everything on earth works together to keep our life-sustaining planet from being a garbage heap.

It truly is sad that our lives have become so loaded with information and news and constant instant communication until we seem to be addicted to it all. The reason that we are that way is because we want more information about our father, God. Though most of us don’t know what we’re looking for, or where to find the information. We’re just looking for something and we tend to try almost anything to fill the gap . Until we find Him, and invite him in, that part of our hearts will forever have an empty feeling.

Are you looking for Jesus today? He’s waiting for you. If you only invited me in, He would say, I would always be there no matter what. Our Creator knows us far more intimately than we realize or could possibly understand. Artists do have an idea of the way God feels toward us, at least those artists that sculpt or mold their art do. A potter does this when he creates a vase because he has to put his vision into it to make it what he sees in his mind. That is how God creates each of us, in His mind. He has known us since the beginning of time,  He knows exactly what we will look like and how we will act toward others and toward Him far in advance of us being born. God is not surprised by anything. Give Him a chance in your life, invite Him in and you will never be alone again!

The tabernacle of Christ

In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle which Moses built from the plans handed down from God was a representation of the sacrifice which would be made by Christ. Truly, the Tabernacle itself was a representation of Christ at that time. After Jesus came and died for all of our sins, the Tabernacle was no longer needed which is why the veil separating the Most Holy Place was ripped from top to bottom when He died.

The tabernacle that is being used today by Christians all over the world is our hearts! God’s spirit dwells within our hearts and guides us toward being like Jesus daily. If we follow the leading of His Spirit and serve Him daily, we will be in and do the will of the Father! Our lives are not our own, they are His and we are put here for His service and pleasure in our company.

God loves us all and has given us the grace and the “mercy covering” of Jesus’ blood so that we can serve Him as His representatives while we are on earth. We will still serve Him for all eternity in whatever capacity He places us in, so the service will never end it will just be sweeter!

Give your life to Him and join in the service of the Creator. There is plenty of room!

Did you kill Jesus?

For the Christians of the world this question is poignant but true. Yes, our sin caused the death of Jesus because He came to be the one sacrifice which would satisfy all of the requirements of God. Not just for some but for all.

The love and mercy of our God covers all. We are the ones who move away from Him and if we have never come to Him that is why we don’t feel His comforting presence.

He is our Creator! The Creator of all things including us. To turn away from Him and the grace that He extended to us through His Son is the ultimate rebellious act. God’s laws are not outdated  and they are not flexible! There are no appeals when it comes to breaking them and the punishment for such is death, spiritual and eternal. The death I am speaking of is separation from God or any knowledge of Him for eternity in hell! There will be no parties, no joy, no laughter.

God’s love for us, all of us, is true and unquestionable. Yet the response that God expects from us is acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. If you do not accept Jesus as your Savior, it is the same as driving the nails in His hands and feet yourself! Rejection of Him, especially if you have felt the pull on your heart, is the sin which will not be forgiven! Especially if you die before repenting of this sincerely, and ask Him into your heart.

Our life can be so much more if we will allow Jesus into our lives and, on a daily basis, follow Him. The peace which will flood your soul and give your life a purpose is indescribable by human terms. The contentment and love that you will feel from God will be with you regardless of your circumstances. Accepting Jesus will not make your life on earth easy, by the world’s standard, but it will give you a peace that few will know until they come to Him.

Give Him a chance in your life to ease your burdens and lift your spirit. He is the greatest physician that you can know because He can heal both body and soul!

God bless and keep you all.  (read Romans 8 it is good for the soul)