Did you kill Jesus?

For the Christians of the world this question is poignant but true. Yes, our sin caused the death of Jesus because He came to be the one sacrifice which would satisfy all of the requirements of God. Not just for some but for all.

The love and mercy of our God covers all. We are the ones who move away from Him and if we have never come to Him that is why we don’t feel His comforting presence.

He is our Creator! The Creator of all things including us. To turn away from Him and the grace that He extended to us through His Son is the ultimate rebellious act. God’s laws are not outdated  and they are not flexible! There are no appeals when it comes to breaking them and the punishment for such is death, spiritual and eternal. The death I am speaking of is separation from God or any knowledge of Him for eternity in hell! There will be no parties, no joy, no laughter.

God’s love for us, all of us, is true and unquestionable. Yet the response that God expects from us is acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. If you do not accept Jesus as your Savior, it is the same as driving the nails in His hands and feet yourself! Rejection of Him, especially if you have felt the pull on your heart, is the sin which will not be forgiven! Especially if you die before repenting of this sincerely, and ask Him into your heart.

Our life can be so much more if we will allow Jesus into our lives and, on a daily basis, follow Him. The peace which will flood your soul and give your life a purpose is indescribable by human terms. The contentment and love that you will feel from God will be with you regardless of your circumstances. Accepting Jesus will not make your life on earth easy, by the world’s standard, but it will give you a peace that few will know until they come to Him.

Give Him a chance in your life to ease your burdens and lift your spirit. He is the greatest physician that you can know because He can heal both body and soul!

God bless and keep you all.  (read Romans 8 it is good for the soul)


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