The tabernacle of Christ

In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle which Moses built from the plans handed down from God was a representation of the sacrifice which would be made by Christ. Truly, the Tabernacle itself was a representation of Christ at that time. After Jesus came and died for all of our sins, the Tabernacle was no longer needed which is why the veil separating the Most Holy Place was ripped from top to bottom when He died.

The tabernacle that is being used today by Christians all over the world is our hearts! God’s spirit dwells within our hearts and guides us toward being like Jesus daily. If we follow the leading of His Spirit and serve Him daily, we will be in and do the will of the Father! Our lives are not our own, they are His and we are put here for His service and pleasure in our company.

God loves us all and has given us the grace and the “mercy covering” of Jesus’ blood so that we can serve Him as His representatives while we are on earth. We will still serve Him for all eternity in whatever capacity He places us in, so the service will never end it will just be sweeter!

Give your life to Him and join in the service of the Creator. There is plenty of room!


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