The Christmas season, joyous for all?

During this season of the year many people go through hunger, heartache, grief, anger and frustration. Some of these are caused by the season itself, some are caused by disease, war, famine and yet some of these problems are actually caused by humanity itself. Our inability to see you the needs around us or to take notice of those who are in need because of our selfishness.

Even in America there is hunger, homelessness, grief over the loss of a loved one because death does not take a holiday. The homeless depend upon the charity of others for their next meal them for shelter from the cold, the hungry just need to be taken care of until they can take care of themselves. Because most of the hungry in this country are children. In America we grow enough food to feed millions and yet children go to bed hungry almost every night somewhere in America.

God truly has blessed America but if we, as a nation, keep going down the road that we’re on I fear that the blessing will be taken away. We don’t revere God as much as we used to in fact there are more people bent on taking all reference to Him out of the public eye and as far from the government as possible.

I am proud to be an American but in the past few years, I have not been proud of some of the things we do at home, in our movies, or to each other on a daily basis. The moral character of our nation and its people is crumbling. Our education system was formed from the beginning of our country to bring up the children to know God and now we have taken God and all reference to him out of the schools. I have heard many people ask the question "Why is our nation in the trouble that it’s in?", and the answer lies in the fact that we don’t teach our children anymore.

God loves us all and He does want the best for us but, as the children of Israel found out, when you turn your back on God and chase after other gods He will punish you and I believe that America is beginning to be punished. Even with a revival and a turning back to God, I don’t think that we could stay His hand. Like a parent with an unruly  child, there has to be discipline at some point.

The only possibility for us to truly change is for our country as a whole to turn back to God. It would truly take a miracle but if we all pray for this to happen, earnestly and on our knees, I do believe that revival is possible. Please get into the New Testament, read the book of Romans and pray over it. God will hear you, He always does.


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