The Messiah, do you know Him?

There are over 400 prophetic writings in the Old Testament which refer to Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection. He fulfilled them all! The probability of someone doing that without being the true Christ of God is over ten to the seventeenth power to one.

I don’t know about you, but that is more than enough proof for me.  His life, death and resurrection happened because of His love for us and for Israel at the time of His appearing.  God loves us all and would like for all of us to come to Him but He patiently waits for us to ask.

Your life can be so much more meaningful to yourself and to Him once you accept Him into your life. Jesus cares for us all and wants the best for us, but He will not force Himself into your life. He has to be asked to come in, like a visitor to your home. Although, when He comes into your heart, He will change your life in ways that no other visitor could. Give Jesus a chance in your life, He will make you into the person that you were meant to be!


Can this be real?

Every day the news just seems to get worse. From wars that stretch on for years to conflicts which burst on the news one day and are over the next day. Disasters caused by natural forces happen everywhere almost as frequently. There are many people who are asking “Why does God allow this?”

That is a very good question to ask. You would have to ask Him for the reasons behind the “stuff” that goes on all over the world. Most of them are actually caused by us or by something that we did or didn’t do. The really bad stuff that goes on can be traced to all the evil in the world because of the fallen angels that were cast to earth.

I realize that people blame God for those angels (demons) being cast to earth but the truth is that it was the result of “pride”. This is also the problem that we have individually and it is a hard thing to deal with because we can’t just “deal” with it on our own. We have to have God in our daily lives, following Him daily  to handle it.

The pride that we show in our lives is the result of the original sin of Adam. Until we decide to allow Him into our hearts and trust Him daily, we will always have more trouble than we can handle. We live in a world  controlled by evil, and by our own lusts and greed. It really won’t get better until Jesus comes back.

Please, go to a Bible teaching church. Find out that what you have looked for really is Jesus Christ. He can fill that void in your life and  will once you allow Him into your heart.

Is anyone satisfied with life? Really?

In our world of instant potatoes, microwave popcorn, throw-away phones, etc. is it any wonder that we aren’t satisfied with life? Everything is easy, quick, “cheap”. Nothing lasts as long as we would like or feels as good as we had hoped. We are depressed, disillusioned and most of all angry at everyone and everything because nothing, nothing ever satisfies our hunger or our thirst for whatever it is we are searching for, no matter what it may be!

Boy, am I glad I got all of that off my chest!!

Your life doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to have everything instantly. Things that last are much more precious and harder to come by than the advertisements lead you to believe. Although the most precious and lasting relationship can last forever, most never realize it until it is too late. They find they have picked the wrong one and by that time there is no turning back. Or possibly, you might not wake up at all tomorrow. What then?

Will you find yourself facing God and not having an answer to His question, “What did you do with my Son?” Do you know who His Son is? Have you met Him? It really is easy you know? If you have been searching for something, but you are not sure what, it may be that you are truly being drawn to Him. Listen to that voice inside which is pulling on your heart. God is the creator and He loves His creation, you! Let Him into your life!  He can clean out the dirt, the cobwebs, and everything else that you think would make you un-worthy and make you whole and new again!

Call on Him!  Ask Jesus into your heart, simply, like a child. He will hear you and come into your life and make you and your life whole again, if you will let Him. That is all that He asks of you. Just give your life to Him. He doesn’t need your money, just your service to Him and His Kingdom.