Can this be real?

Every day the news just seems to get worse. From wars that stretch on for years to conflicts which burst on the news one day and are over the next day. Disasters caused by natural forces happen everywhere almost as frequently. There are many people who are asking “Why does God allow this?”

That is a very good question to ask. You would have to ask Him for the reasons behind the “stuff” that goes on all over the world. Most of them are actually caused by us or by something that we did or didn’t do. The really bad stuff that goes on can be traced to all the evil in the world because of the fallen angels that were cast to earth.

I realize that people blame God for those angels (demons) being cast to earth but the truth is that it was the result of “pride”. This is also the problem that we have individually and it is a hard thing to deal with because we can’t just “deal” with it on our own. We have to have God in our daily lives, following Him daily  to handle it.

The pride that we show in our lives is the result of the original sin of Adam. Until we decide to allow Him into our hearts and trust Him daily, we will always have more trouble than we can handle. We live in a world  controlled by evil, and by our own lusts and greed. It really won’t get better until Jesus comes back.

Please, go to a Bible teaching church. Find out that what you have looked for really is Jesus Christ. He can fill that void in your life and  will once you allow Him into your heart.


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