A life well lived

There are times when we all feel that our life could’ve been, well….more. A little more fun, more happy, more________? Have you ever felt that way?  I have, many times through my life and I have always wondered how?

How could my life or my “living” be more?

The answer to that comes only from one place, one person and one book. The Bible is the only book which can give you advice and direction. Then by having a real relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit through Jesus Christ your life can be far more than you could imagine.

God’s word doesn’t come back to Him without bearing the fruit that it was supposed to. In our lives we sometimes meet people who are rare treasures. They are our friends, our children, sometimes even our spouses. The lives that we touch, before coming to Christ and afterwards, are changed in ways that we may never know about. Those which are touched after we become Christians are supposed to be touched by His spirit living and working through us. We are only the mirror that is reflecting His image, whether that image is clear or blurred is dependent upon your relationship with Him.

I once read that someone described himself as, “..just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody that can save anybody”. That is the mission or the calling that we were given when we became Christians, but what about those that we don’t see on a daily or weekly schedule? The true mission of the church was initially to get the church into the world not the other way around.

Do you know about Jesus? Most people do at least know about Him or have heard of Him. The next question is this: Does He know you?

We are all given a spark of God’s spirit when we are created and brought into the world, which is why we search for something to fill our hearts with. Until we find the “right” something, which is Jesus, we will always feel empty and never satisfied with what we have.

That bit of God’s spirit is your soul and it will live for eternity. The next question is: Where? Will you be in Heaven because you truly accepted Him by faith or will you be in torment because you rejected Him?  The choice is yours alone and you are responsible for it. Make the one choice which will benefit you the most.


God’s Love is for all of us

Have you ever wondered if someone cared for you. I mean REALLY cared. God does and He proves it every day. When the sun comes up and you wake from a restful night’s sleep, He has blessed you with another day of life. When you see your son or daughter laughing, that is a blessing from God as well. The small blessings that we take for granted everyday all come from Him.

The love of God is boundless and His mercy endures forever, as does His patience. If God was not so patient, our lives would be very different today if we were still here.

There are so many different religions or pseudo-religions today that many people are getting confused as to what they should believe. The only way to have eternal life with Jesus is belief in Him! These other “ways” are only pathways to hell. You won’t be serving the devil or partying or having fun like you may have been told. It will be eternal punishment because you have chosen not to accept Jesus. He doesn’t send you to hell for any other reason.

Give Him your life and you will never regret it. Do it soon, because we are not guaranteed our next breath and you may not have tomorrow or the next day to “wait until I am ready”.