Is today’s Church following Jesus’ commandment?

Before Jesus went back to the Father, He told His followers to “Go and tell the world the good news of salvation, to spread the gospel into all nations” (Paraphrased).  Are we doing that? The church, no matter what denomination it happens to belong to, is His body on earth. If we aren’t following His commandment and doing what He told us to do, then we are just as much at fault and in sin as the rest of the world.

If you have the spirit of God, you should be trying to follow that commandment regardless of where it takes you. Jesus wasn’t afraid to go to those considered to be un-desirable sinners by the majority of Jews in His day and we shouldn’t be either. All of humanity is created in the image of God, regardless of where they are from. We are supposed to be telling them about their spiritual condition so that they can change their ways and come to Jesus. I know the rest of the world considers this to be “elitist and narrow minded” but we can’t change the word of God!

The Bible says that belief in Jesus is the only way to have eternal life with Him, there is no other way to do it! Our life is to be a reflection of Him and our lives are to be in service to Him and for Him regardless of our occupations. The life we have here is but an instant compared with eternity so we only have the time we are given to let others know about Him. The Gideon’s are an organization which is getting God’s word into the hands of people everywhere, all over the world. I am proud to be a part of that organization but the church needs to help too. It is the body of Christ and the actions of those who are members of the church reflect upon its message.

God cares for all of humanity and He created all of us for a purpose. The Bible is the word of God and our instruction book for living life for Him. Can you truly afford not to listen to the wisdom contained in it? I have read many “self-help” books in the past and they are mostly repackaged or re-worded wisdom that can be found in the Bible. Some are “new age” but those that are don’t  usually reach the audience that others do.

It is the people, young and old alike, who are outside the church or even outside of religion altogether that should be our focus. If they don’t want to hear the message, tell them anyway or at least give them a tract or some literature which will point them to Jesus.

Once you have done that, they are responsible for their own lives and you have done your part to tell them about Jesus and the life He offers. If they have more questions, they will ask. If not, the seed is planted so let the Spirit of God work on them at that point. They will answer Him in one of two ways, but it will be their responsibility to do so.


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