This is what the scientific community thinks of Christians

In a letter which was sold at auction a few years ago Albert Einstein said this: “The word of God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.”; This kind of sentiment from someone who was a Jew, God’s chosen people.

If His chosen people consider the Bible to be childish, primitive legends which have no bearing or meaning for us today then how can we possibly convince anyone of His love for mankind and the redemption of all who will come to Him? God has patience but it does eventually reach its limit.

Our true calling given by Jesus Himself is to go out into the world and tell others of His love and of the simple act of belief in His saving grace to be granted eternal life by the Father. We all have an eternal soul but the acceptance of Jesus as your savior determines if you will serve Him in Heaven for eternity or be cast into Hell with Satan and his demons. The only decision which will send people to an eternal punishment is their rejection of Jesus as savior, nothing else!

That one act of disobedience is the only thing that will grant you passage into Hell. Of course the sinful life you lead will not earn you any points one way or the other, but by accepting Jesus you will have gained forgiveness of those sins and you will be brand new on the inside. Your old life will still try to come back but as long as you follow Jesus and pray and read the Bible, you will be able to overcome those temptations.

Before the end of this age comes, please go to a Bible teaching church and listen with your heart and your soul before it is too late. I know there are many who are trying to “predict” the end of the world but no one knows when that will come except God Himself.


One thought on “This is what the scientific community thinks of Christians

  1. First, I thank you for this website. You’re a blessing/inspiration.

    It’s hard to find a true Bible-teaching church, esp. in my locality. Home church should be the next option but if you live alone or, on-line church and Bible study is the next best option.

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