Pride is our greatest weakness

While we are here doing everyday things and going about our lives we are being watched by demons. I am not saying this to sensationalize our daily lives but it is the truth. Whether you believe it or not, Satan and his demons are all around us watching and prodding us to keep up our daily grind in our world. “Don’t listen to your preacher or better yet, don’t go to church at all”, this is the thought that is planted by them on a daily or weekly basis.

Many other feelings and problems in our daily lives are caused or made worse because of the influence that the so-called “ruler” of this world has over our lives. If you are a child of God and have given your heart to Him, then Satan can only fling darts at you or cause things to happen to those you love. He will not be able to touch you directly but he can make you life miserable if you don’t follow and listen to Christ on a daily basis.

I am not writing this to sensationalize religion but to wake this world up to the fact that there is a devil, Satan, in our midst. He has been here since the beginning and truthfully, he hates you whether you are a Christian or not! He  helped to create all of the pagan religions in the world simply to blind people to the true God and Creator of the universe. Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, said that the ruler of this world will cause people to lose hope and to believe lies rather than the truth. This is happening all around us today! Even so-called “preachers” are telling their congregations that there are other things that have to be done to be saved or that there is no place called “hell”.

The time of the Church Age is coming to a close and there are many who are falling away today. This was foretold in the book of Revelation and it was written that the falling away would increase until our Lord comes back. The life that we live now must be a reflection of Christ so that others will come to Him while there is still time to do so. Make sure that your life and the witness that you show to others is the truth that is told in the Bible.  Don’t add to it and don’t take anything away from it! Don’t misquote scripture when you are telling someone about Christ or to bring them to your side because that is what Satan does and he does it very well.  Search out a Bible teaching church or if you can’t find one, prayerfully read and study your Bible daily if possible.  God will show you what He wants you to get out of His word and your spirit will be blessed.


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