Who do you see in your mirror?

I look and try not to see too much but mostly I see a middle-aged man who looks tired most of the time. I don’t see much past that and I am sure that most other people don’t either. No one seems to notice each other anymore, nor do they seem to care. Our society has become the most jaded and desensitized of any in human history due to the twenty-four hour news channels and the Internet. We see and hear and read about news and suffering all the time and none of it bothers us much anymore. It is an appalling situation but it was prophesied in the Bible that at the end knowledge would increase meaning the amount and availability and our use of it not that we would be better at using it.


This is a very compelling video that needs to be listened to and taken to heart for your very lives:


If you can see in the mirror that Christ is part of your life and your heart, you are truly blessed. If not, I suggest that you get yourself right with God before it is too late.