The inerrant Word of God

It seems that there are those who are questioning the truth of the Bible. The Jewish leaders and teachers have never doubted the veracity of the Torah or of the Prophets and Writings why should anyone question that which completes the Bible. The New Testament is the testimony of those who witnessed Jesus’ miracles and His proof of divinity by His resurrection. He fulfilled the prophecies about the Messiah foretold hundreds of years before His birth.

I realize that this is a bit of a stretch for people to believe who don’t have any faith in Him but it is true! There are many prophecies from the Old Testament which point to where He would be born and His birth to a virgin. That He would be of the line and family of David. That He would be beaten and crucified, although crucifixion had not been used or even seen at the time it was prophesied.

I know that there are many who don’t want to believe that this is true and I do understand. Because, if it is true it means that we all deserve to go to hell. It also means that we are all sinners, regardless of the magnitude of the sin itself. As in today’s culture a “little white lie” is not considered to be something to go to hell for, but someone who is a murderer or a molester of children does. Unfortunately, in God’s sight a sin is a sin and perceived size does not matter. In truth, the only sin that will send any of us to hell is the rejection of God’s grace through Jesus and the acceptance of Him as our Lord and Savior.

In my opinion, that is the reason many people don’t want Jesus or don’t accept Him…… because it is too simple and easy! It is hard for people who don’t have faith or have never been in a church to accept something simply on faith, like a child. A small child doesn’t question if what you said is true as long as you haven’t proven to them that you will lie to them. They accept what you tell them as the truth, no matter what. If your life needs someone or some strength that you cannot provide yourself, look to Jesus and ask Him! I promise, He will not let you down and once you give your life to Him, He will never leave you!


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