An image of Jesus


Our image of Jesus is distorted from the way painters have portrayed Him as a weak, feminine type of man. In the time that He lived, and the vocation that He worked with His earthly father as a carpenter, weakness was not an option. A carpenter had to lift wooden doors, chairs, beams, and whatever else without a whole lot of help except for his muscles. The image that I have of Jesus shows a kind, gentle man but one with strength, not only from His spirit but from the work that He did before He started His ministry on earth.

Our Lord loved all of us and still does with a love that cannot be understood by today’s culture. He truly was and is the Messiah, the Savior of us all, not just some prophet whose body was hidden after He was crucified. One day He will come back and all will see who the Prince of Peace and the King of kings really is. On that day every knee will bow to Him and those who accepted Him in life will go on to their reward for eternity. Those who did not accept Him and His message, will be cast into the lake of fire and eternal punishment which was meant only for Satan and his minions.

Please, regardless of what you think of my site or its message, read the Bible. Pray that Jesus will forgive you of your sins and come into your heart and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. The smallest sin, like telling a lie to someone or even the sin of being a murderer or even a rapist are all equal in God’s sight. The only sin which will send anyone to hell is that of rejecting Jesus and His gift of forgiveness, that’s it! The love of Christ to you all and His peace too.


We all need deep roots

Our lives and those of our loved ones are in danger of dying without a fountain of living water. The Word of God provides this for us, regardless of the circumstances or problems in our lives. It is something that we need to be grounded in from an early age and if we are not, almost anything can and will take its place.

Trees need a good established root system or they will not reach maturity and so do Christians. Those in our world who do not believe or who choose to believe a lie have very shallow roots or none at all.

In God’s Word, the palm tree is used as an example for a life lived through the grace of God. Since palm trees don’t produce fruit until maturity, their fruit gets sweeter as they age. The palm tree is also made up of living wood all the way to the bark and their roots are the same size no matter how long they are so they are strong and can withstand the forces that life throws at them.

In the fallen world that we live in, we have to have some sort of foundation. That root or foundation is the Word of God. It established the universe and the earth and brought forth life in its abundance. The beauty of the cosmos is reflects the beauty of His design in all of its ways. The heavens declare God’s glory,  and we should too!