Islam, a religion

There are many websites which compare Islam and Christianity but if you read the Bible and read the Koran, they are nearly identical in many respects. The only glaring difference is that the prophet who wrote the Koran is dead. The God of the Bible is not and neither is His Son, Jesus. I know that this post is going to inflame many who are practicing Muslims and I do apologize for this.

The principal reason that I am posting this is not to put myself in jeopardy but to bring to light some of the similarities of the two religions which seem to be unable to get along with each other. Many of the principles taught in the Koran are the same ones which are taught in the Bible. Why is there such enmity between these two religions? I believe it goes back to the time of Abraham and the enmity between Ishmael and Isaac.

There are many similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam but because of their differences in practice, these three religions seem to be at odds with each other all over the world. The Jewish religion doesn’t regard Jesus as their Messiah, Christians do and Messianic Jews do as well. Muslims regard Him as a great prophet but not the Son of God.

As for the prophet, Mohamed, being the messiah or the one who will bring unity, that notion is ridiculous. No mere man, prophet or leader can fulfill the position of the Messiah, only Jesus can do that. When He comes in His glory, the world will see, even those who hung Him on the tree.