Two Paths, One Leader

I was told this by a very unusual source yesterday,  “There are two paths before you, but only one of them is the right one”. If this advice had come from my pastor or a friend, it would have been profound. It came from a ten year old boy and it is just as profound as if it had come from anyone else. The wisdom is beyond his years, but I think the advice came to him from God.

The leader, of course, is Jesus. The two paths could be to life in eternity or in hell or they could be leading someplace else. I still have a lot of searching and praying to do. I already have accepted Him as my Savior so I am assured of eternity. It is the two paths which I have before me yet that concerns me. If your pathway in life is coming to a fork in the road, consult with the One who knows all paths and their destinations. Don’t rely on your own understanding nor on the so-called “wisdom” of others. Put your trust in the Creator of all things and since He is the Creator of time, He can see your future when you cannot.

God cares for all of us and does not wish to see any perish. He loves all of His creation and extends the invitation to all who will accept the gift of life through His Son, Jesus, who paid the price for all of our transgressions past, present and future. Give your heart to Him daily, you will not be disappointed. Even though the road may still have a few bumps and ruts in it after accepting Him, eternity will be so much better. We are not promised a smooth ride even after choosing to follow Him, but the ride will be better regardless.


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