Have you ever thought of what Jesus went through?

I am speaking, not of the physical torture and agony of the crucifixion, but of the total and complete separation from God. Something which He had never experienced before. Also, even though He was fully human in body, He was also one third of the Trinity! The embodiment of the Word of God in human form, the Son of God. The only perfect sacrifice for our sins that there could be.

It is hard, even impossible for our human minds to fathom the depth and breadth of what He did. He took on the sins of every human being, past, present and future! I can’t imagine what the guilt and the spiritual pain must have felt like but it is likely the reason for Him shedding blood while praying the the garden. The love and compassion that was expressed during the hours prior to his “trial” was unimaginable by our standards. We can’t understand it with our human minds.

God loves us all which is why He sent His Son to go through this agony for us. So that by accepting His gift we might be clothed in His righteousness and be able to enter into eternity with Him! The Creator truly loves His creation and since the fall of Adam, the whole creation has been and still is waiting for the restoration after the Great Tribulation which is coming. Read your Bible, pray about what you are reading so you will understand and give your heart to Him. You won’t be disappointed, He is not disappointed in you!