I’ve never seen evidence of God!


This is a statement that I have heard many times in news or other media stories and it is one that I cannot understand! How can you wake up in the morning and not feel the evidence of God when you are breathing or with your heart beating? This universe that we live in was not an accident of creation through gravity and heat and coincidence!

The proteins and the cellular structures in our cells are put together in such a way that, according to computer models done on super-computers, the precision with which our bodies run could not have happened by evolutionary means in the time that the universe has supposedly been here (approximately 13 billion years or so).

Our planet is so perfectly positioned in a solar system which has certain characteristics, like some large gas giants which protect us from inbound comets or other debris. The distance that our planet is from the sun is so precise that only a one percent difference would mean either too hot or too cold for life. These can’t be explained by pure luck or by accident! Our life, your life is not accidental but purposeful! There is and always has been a longing in the heart of man. That longing is for a relationship with our Creator. Whether you acknowledge Him as your Lord or not doesn’t matter, although for your eternity it does.

We don’t just die and rot in the ground, even if that is what you believe. Our body does, that is true. But the spirit which was put there before you were born continues and when the New Earth is created your body will be resurrected anew as well. This is not some “new-age” thinking, this comes directly from the Bible itself. Regardless of what is and has been written about God and His Word, it is not a fairy tale!

The Word of God was inspired by Him and written by men. This part is true, but it was not made up by man. There is no way that the forty writers who wrote the Bible could have “made up” the history which has been proven archeologically and the prophecies which have come true. The fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. was foretold more than 400 years before it happened. Our world and the people on it have ample evidence of God and His creation to see that He exists without anyone telling them and yet the world chooses to believe the lies from science or some other “man-made” religion or even no religion at all!

There will be a day in which everyone will see Him coming in His glory, even those who crucified Him! Your heart longs for a relationship with Him. If not today, when? You are not guaranteed tomorrow, no one is. I know I would rather serve Him for eternity in whatever capacity I can, than be punished in hell because I was given the greatest gift of all and I refused to accept it. That is the sin which is unforgiveable. Don’t throw away your chance.