The Jews in exile were saying that God was going to condemn them so He could watch them suffer, that God would take pleasure in destroying them (vv. 30.32).

Ezekiel‘s reply to this idea was that God does not want you to die! (See v. 23.) These statements from God cannot be any more plain, forceful, or beautiful than this: I have no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies. (v. 32). God wanted His people to live. He did not want Judah to be destroyed; He wanted His people to live, not to die!

If they died, it would not be because God wanted it to happen; it would be instead because they refused to listen to God’s prophet and turn from their sins that they might be saved, so they might live! Even so today: If you die, if you are lost now and are lost eternally, it is not  because that is what God wants. God does not want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9); rather, He wants everyone to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). Jesus died for all (Hebrews 2:9); the grace of God that brings salvation is available to all (Titus 2:11). If you ultimately are lost, then, why will it happen? The answer is sin.

Sin condemns (Romans 6:23), regardless of the type of sin that it may be.

Even that answer is incomplete. We are lost because of our sins, certainly; but if that were the complete answer, everyone would be lost eternally, for all have sinned (Romans 3:23). Why will you be lost? The answer is unrepented-of sins! That was Judah’s problem: It was not merely that Judah had sinned, but that Judah had, in spite of the warnings of the prophets, refused to repent. Ezekiel came with a final appeal: Repent and live.! (18:32b). In the end, Judah was destroyed as a result of the people’s failure to heed Ezekiel’s appeal.

Likewise, if anyone should perish, the reason will not be that God wanted it to happen. Rather, destruction will come because you have failed to heed the warnings found repeatedly in His Word. Our Creator loves all of humanity, regardless of where you live or who you are. He wants us all to come to repentance if we will only give our lives to Him and follow Him and do what is right in His sight daily. Repent, accept Jesus and live!


Life is too short, like a puff of wind

In the world of fiction, such as in vampire stories, human lives are measured in decades instead of centuries. If our lives on earth could be immortal, what would our world be like? Would we be better at being killers? Would we all be rich? Would there be fewer people crowding our cities and streets? If we were immortal and able to fight off most diseases that ravage mankind now, what would our world be like?

The human heart, immortal or not, is ruled by its own desires and those are and always have been violent toward anyone who may have something which you don’t have. If we could be immortal, would it be worth it? Would our world be any better than it is now or would it be worse? There are no wrong answers to these questions and yet, the only answer would be that our civilization would have died long ago.

Our Creator and our only true God kept his creation from taking from the tree of Life to preclude our having immortality and some say that was wrong but in His wisdom and knowledge it was and is right. The only way that we will have immortality is through giving our hearts to Jesus and serving Him now and in eternity. Your family can have the same if they will give their hearts to Him which would allow you to be surrounded by family for all time, in service to the Creator.

Our lives don’t really have much in the way of true meaning in this life other than raising our children and living happily with our spouse, if we are lucky enough to find someone who truly loves us for who we are inside and not for something we can do for them. Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  God gave His only Son for us all as a perfect  sacrifice for the world’s sins, if you want to have eternal (immortal) life on earth or in Heaven, give your life and heart to Him. You will not be disappointed.

Romans 8:23

Our life in Him, His Life in us!

Some people think that Christianity is just like other religions. That there is no difference other than the person that we believe in. We still have to try hard to be good enough to “get saved” before Jesus will accept us as His. This view of doctrine is not from God’s Word.

Jesus’ words were “I will abide in you and you abide in Me”. The word translated as “abide” can mean many things like “walk, live with, or trust”. Our responsibility as Christians is to daily live as Christ would have us live. Follow Him daily or as scripture puts it “pick up your cross daily and follow Me”.

God expects us to be holy as He is holy but He knows that we cannot do this without Him. We are not able to be holy on our own, our righteousness is as “filthy rags” before a holy God. Without Jesus in your heart, nothing that you do or say can ever be “worthy” enough.

Other religions of the world try to get us to work our way toward heaven so that it is our accomplishment and our way which brings us to heaven. These religions have been and are being deceived by the ruler of this world, Satan, the adversary of God. He can and has done this for many thousands of years and is still doing it. The world doesn’t like Christians or our message because our message is against their way of life. It makes everything that they do or say look foolish because it is when judged by God’s Word.

Before the troubled times come at the end of this age, please read the Bible! Ask someone to explain it to you, pray about it and ask God to show you what you should know and what you need to know. He will if you ask.

He is always close to us

Before Jesus left our world to go back to His Father, He told his disciples that He would never leave them nor forsake them. He cannot go back on His word, so we can depend on it!  He loves us as we are His creation and His children so He stays near regardless of the circumstances.

God loves us all, no matter what we have done, and yet He grieves for us because until we accept His Son into our lives, we are part of the world and not His family. God has much patience and kindness but the time grows short. The age of the church is coming to an end and when that time comes, just as in the days of Noah, the door will close and the church will be taken up. Then the world will know a time of suffering like no other before it.

It has been called the Apocalypse, the battle of Armageddon, the end times, and the Tribulation. All of these names refer to the same prophecy and its time is drawing near. No one can tell you if it will be in the year 2012 or 2112, but it is coming. I believe that it will happen in my lifetime but I could be wrong.

Jesus said that “no one knows the time of the end except the Father, not the angels nor His Son.” So if Jesus could not tell you, no one can. It will be when it will be and not before. The Holy Spirit is with us today and He is part of the Trinity, three yet One. So, please ask Jesus into your life so that you will not have to suffer through the worst time in the history of the world.

Read Romans chapter 8 and John chapter 3. Between them they hold the key and point you to Jesus. Hear their words before it is too late. I pray for all who come here seeking the truth because I do not make up these words on my own, but I pray while I type so that my words will be from Him and no other.

In His Service alone.

Do you ever feel like your voice is never heard?

Do you ever feel like your voice is never heard, even when you are talking with someone close to you? A friend, your wife or husband or even your dad or mom? Does it feel like your voice is just going into the air and no one actually hears what you are saying? In a crowded place do you feel alone, as I do? These feelings are what is considered normal in today’s society but they are not normal in any sense at all!

Do you feel empty, like there is always something missing? Something that you know that you should have or something that you feel deep down that you really need and yet you know that you don’t have it yet? We were actually created with this “need”, but we were not given the identity of that need. We are supposed to find it ourselves. The problem with that is that we usually look in all the wrong places for this “something” that we know or feel will make us “happy”. Why is that?

Our society and its expectations are such that we look to “trophies” of one kind or another to make us “happy” or fulfilled, and in reality these trophies can do no such thing. No matter how much money, fame, honor, glory, praise, or prestige you may have, it will never fill the ache inside which you have felt for most of your life.

The only way to fill that emptiness is with a relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. When you truly accept Him into your life, the void will begin to fill up! It will continue to fill as you seek Him to guide your life daily through prayer and by reading His Word, the Bible. God is not dead as some say and He is not asleep. He has not forgotten us because He can’t. We are His creation, all of us! Prophecy from His word tells us this and that He is not finished. There are many things yet to come.

Your life can be a witness to His glory and for Him. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Jew, or a Muslim, or Hindu or Buddhist, if you give your life to Him and ask Him into your heart the void in your life will be filled! It will begin to fill up and it will continue until He comes back or you are taken home to be with Him. The life we live here is but a temporary, fleeting existence. Our real life begins at our meeting Jesus and continues on from there. Death has no control over our life after that, this world and its troubles has no control over our life and its meaning after we accept the Christ. Our witness to every person that we come in contact with daily matters more than anything we can accomplish on earth because everything here is temporary.

Your life and what you choose to do with it is what matters and what matters the most is what you choose to do with Jesus in relation to the life you live and what you pass on to others. Whether they are your friends, your children or your family in general, the message that you portray to others as a Christian is your legacy that you will leave when you die. Nothing else truly matters until that part of your life is filled with Him. When that happens, then your life has a purpose and a true meaning. Before you accept Jesus nothing has an eternal meaning but after you do, everything can have an eternal meaning when you are living your life for Him and through Him daily.  Have a blessed day in His Service.

God did not create the universe?!?

What planet are you from anyway, Mr. Hawking? Have you ever read the writings of your predecessor, Isaac Newton? He did believe in God and tried to use science and math and physics to prove the Bible not disprove it. Nothing creates itself out of nothing just because there is enough mass and gravity. I will agree that if there is enough of one or the other something will happen but who created the gravity and the huge amount of mass which would have had to be there before the “Big Bang” in order for the cosmos to “create itself”?

That is analogous to the “theory” that all life “evolved” from some protein-infused slime into all of the myriad of forms of life that our planet possesses today. It is foolish! Even computer models agree that there has not been enough time in the entire universe for something like that to happen.

This entire cosmos was created with a message to all mankind….that God alone is sovereign over all. Creation cannot create itself anymore than you could create a copy of yourself, with all of your memories, feelings and knowledge intact. God could do that, but the creation cannot. Our life is a gift from Him. A gift which we receive every day that we are alive.

The cosmos and all that is in it was created by the Word of God, not by some random event due to gravity and heat and pressure. Where did the gravity come from? Was it created by the mass of matter before the bang? If so, where did the matter which caused the gravity and heat come from? It did not just appear from nothing.

Nothing can only create nothing. Something, no matter how small the particle is, does not arise from nothing. Yet, that is what you are suggesting. Even if you could create a protein puddle with all of the necessary building blocks for life, nothing would come from it in a sterile environment. It would eventually dry up unless it was acted upon by something or Someone. In the book of Job, in chapter 38, God answers Job’s question with a question: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?….On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone —-  while the morning stars sang together and the angels shouted for joy?” Job 38:4-7

There are many who have questioned how or why our cosmos and all of creation came into being. The only true answer is that God wanted it to, not just because He wanted to create it but because it would glorify Him. His creation points to its Creator from all points of creation, regardless of who is looking or at what you may be looking. The perfection that is displayed from the smallest part of creation to the largest galaxy or the most gigantic star is due to the perfection of its Creator. It may sound simple to scientific minds who analyze everything but since it only takes a word from God to create anything, it is simple at least to Him. Put your faith in Him and life will be as simple as following Him daily(although that is not as easy as it sounds).

God bless you all and I pray that these words find you in good health. In His Service.