Do you ever feel like your voice is never heard?

Do you ever feel like your voice is never heard, even when you are talking with someone close to you? A friend, your wife or husband or even your dad or mom? Does it feel like your voice is just going into the air and no one actually hears what you are saying? In a crowded place do you feel alone, as I do? These feelings are what is considered normal in today’s society but they are not normal in any sense at all!

Do you feel empty, like there is always something missing? Something that you know that you should have or something that you feel deep down that you really need and yet you know that you don’t have it yet? We were actually created with this “need”, but we were not given the identity of that need. We are supposed to find it ourselves. The problem with that is that we usually look in all the wrong places for this “something” that we know or feel will make us “happy”. Why is that?

Our society and its expectations are such that we look to “trophies” of one kind or another to make us “happy” or fulfilled, and in reality these trophies can do no such thing. No matter how much money, fame, honor, glory, praise, or prestige you may have, it will never fill the ache inside which you have felt for most of your life.

The only way to fill that emptiness is with a relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. When you truly accept Him into your life, the void will begin to fill up! It will continue to fill as you seek Him to guide your life daily through prayer and by reading His Word, the Bible. God is not dead as some say and He is not asleep. He has not forgotten us because He can’t. We are His creation, all of us! Prophecy from His word tells us this and that He is not finished. There are many things yet to come.

Your life can be a witness to His glory and for Him. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Jew, or a Muslim, or Hindu or Buddhist, if you give your life to Him and ask Him into your heart the void in your life will be filled! It will begin to fill up and it will continue until He comes back or you are taken home to be with Him. The life we live here is but a temporary, fleeting existence. Our real life begins at our meeting Jesus and continues on from there. Death has no control over our life after that, this world and its troubles has no control over our life and its meaning after we accept the Christ. Our witness to every person that we come in contact with daily matters more than anything we can accomplish on earth because everything here is temporary.

Your life and what you choose to do with it is what matters and what matters the most is what you choose to do with Jesus in relation to the life you live and what you pass on to others. Whether they are your friends, your children or your family in general, the message that you portray to others as a Christian is your legacy that you will leave when you die. Nothing else truly matters until that part of your life is filled with Him. When that happens, then your life has a purpose and a true meaning. Before you accept Jesus nothing has an eternal meaning but after you do, everything can have an eternal meaning when you are living your life for Him and through Him daily.  Have a blessed day in His Service.