Life is too short, like a puff of wind

In the world of fiction, such as in vampire stories, human lives are measured in decades instead of centuries. If our lives on earth could be immortal, what would our world be like? Would we be better at being killers? Would we all be rich? Would there be fewer people crowding our cities and streets? If we were immortal and able to fight off most diseases that ravage mankind now, what would our world be like?

The human heart, immortal or not, is ruled by its own desires and those are and always have been violent toward anyone who may have something which you don’t have. If we could be immortal, would it be worth it? Would our world be any better than it is now or would it be worse? There are no wrong answers to these questions and yet, the only answer would be that our civilization would have died long ago.

Our Creator and our only true God kept his creation from taking from the tree of Life to preclude our having immortality and some say that was wrong but in His wisdom and knowledge it was and is right. The only way that we will have immortality is through giving our hearts to Jesus and serving Him now and in eternity. Your family can have the same if they will give their hearts to Him which would allow you to be surrounded by family for all time, in service to the Creator.

Our lives don’t really have much in the way of true meaning in this life other than raising our children and living happily with our spouse, if we are lucky enough to find someone who truly loves us for who we are inside and not for something we can do for them. Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  God gave His only Son for us all as a perfect  sacrifice for the world’s sins, if you want to have eternal (immortal) life on earth or in Heaven, give your life and heart to Him. You will not be disappointed.

Romans 8:23


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