Heaven is better than hell

I saw something tonight which upset my whole world, I saw a post on someone’s site which said exactly the opposite of my title. How could someone, even an atheist, believe that hell could possibly be better than Heaven?

The absence of God and light, other than from the fires of hell. The absence of anything of beauty or of anything which is living other than the creatures which inhabit hell. The people and the demons (fallen angels that followed Satan) which are there have no souls, and yet they will never die, even if they wish to. There are no parties, no laughter, no joy, no peace, no water, nothing good other than what you may wish you had done in your life on earth.

This is what is waiting for those who reject God and His grace through Christ. God does not wish that any should experience this place. It was created for Satan and his followers, not for humans. And yet, if you choose to reject God and the truth told in the Bible, you are at enmity with Him just like those who followed Satan and rebelled against God.

God loves us all and doesn’t want anyone to go to this place. Give Christ your life and your heart. Ask Him to show you how to be a follower of His and what you need to do to serve Him in this life so that you will have a real life after this one. Jesus loves us all and wants us all to be there with Him. Please give Him a chance in your life today, right now!  You don’t know if you have tomorrow or next week. Don’t wait because waiting may be too late.


The old man that you see?

In a nursing home or a park, maybe in your barber-shop or even your church, you see them. Sometimes everyday, sometimes just once a week, but they are there.

Some have lived full, rich lives with lots of children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Others have had sorrows piled upon sorrows until the layers are too deep for them to see past the pain and the anguish.

Some, in fact, many who are past the age of fifty are veterans and they have seen much more than many people should see or experience. Especially if they were involved in a war, regardless of where it was fought. Some may even be younger than fifty, but the experiences that they have dealt with have aged them faster than they should have.

Our society revered these men at one time. We valued the wisdom that experience had taught them. We valued their opinion and their knowledge. Now, they are seen as a drain on society. Just another person or patient to take care of on the job.

The Bible says the the crown of the aged is a sign of wisdom and should be honored, in fact they are supposed to be honored and respected. If you or your father, brother, uncle, son or nephew lives to be “aged”, how would you like to be treated?

The crown of the aged is their children and grand-children but it is also the experience gained during their lifetime. In knowing how to handle situations, but more importantly how to handle themselves and their relationship with God and men. Primarily and most importantly, put God and His purposes first in your life and everything else will follow that lead. The Elder, God Himself, is Creator of all and He alone deserves Honor and Praise. He was before time and is the Creator of time and there is no other God except Him.

Christians know these truths to be true because they were testified to by Jesus Himself, who is the Living Word of God and the Son of God. Any other religion is false and untrue because they do not accept these facts. If anyone reading this cannot accept this, then they need to read and believe the Bible. God loves all of humanity but if you will not accept His gift of salvation through Jesus then you have condemned yourself to hell. I pray for you all to come to Him.

Life and how we live it

Life, a ponderous time of work and worry and more work. Stress and all the trappings of “success” that go with it. This is our view of life. It is not and was not supposed to be this way. And yet, it is. Why is that?

It is because of the adversary and the ruler of this world. The one who has dominion over the earth and its “religions”, Satan himself. Even if you are a Christian, the world and its ruler has some measure of control over your life. Unless, you are walking by faith on a daily basis and claiming God‘s promises.

Those are prerequisites for a changed and powerful life. I am not saying that your life has no meaning if you have or have not given your life to Christ, what I am saying is that the world always has some measure of control over you and your choices if you have not given your life to Jesus and walk daily with Him. God Himself can empower you to live for Him when you give your heart to Him in such a way that life before will seem to be just a shadow of what you will do once you truly give your heart to Jesus.

Our life here is but a shadow of what it will be in the Kingdom of God. Serving Him in whatever position you are placed in at that time. Right now, you have the chance to serve Him in ways that you never imagined that you would or could do if you will allow Him to work through you daily. Your business can be more successful, your marriage will be more fulfilling and your family will be more focused on serving Him. God needs us as His eyes and hands and feet to do and say things to people today the same way that the prophets did in times past. No one seems to believe that the Bible is relevant, so people don’t read it or pay attention to what it says.

God doesn’t make mistakes,especially with his Creation. Our life and the life we are given to live is given to each of us for a purpose and many people search for this purpose all of their lives without success. Our purpose in life is to do God’s will and to perform the service that He has for each of us to do, not just what we want to do. It may be something that we may not want to do but if you are following Christ truly, you must do the Father‘s will and not your own. When you find that purpose and do His will in your life, you will be rewarded and your life will be enriched beyond your wildest dreams.

Along those lines, I don’t mean that you will be wealthy or powerful or famous, but you will be doing the will of the Creator. Isn’t that wonderful! It amazes me everyday to think that I am serving the Creator of the entire Universe, not just going to work but in doing so while following Christ I am serving Him as well. I fail at times just like everyone else, but God knows that and He knows that it is going to happen because I am human. I can’t serve Him perfectly day in and day out, no one has done that except Jesus. When those failures happen, I go to Him and ask for forgiveness and for more strength from Him for the next time. God loves us all and wants us to come to Him for everything, not just when someone is sick or has an accident. Give Him a chance in your life and give your life a chance with Him, you won’t regret that decision ever!

Faith in Today’s Church, is it real?


The church that our Lord began two thousand years ago seems to be lost. Not from the lack of members or converts, but from a lack of conviction and purpose. We, as the Church that our Lord gave His life for, have become stale, bland and unappealing to those who need Hope the most. Like salt which has lost its saltiness and is good for nothing, and the message has lost its fire.

The message from the church only causes more strife and bitterness in the world at large rather than giving men hope. Why is that? Jesus taught us a message of hope and yet Christians today seem to be unable to give that hope or His message the fire and the flavor that they once did. The enemy seems to be able to quench the fire of our faith too easily, why is that?

It is because our lives have become too involved with “stuff”, not just our everyday existence but other insignificant issues which get in the way like so many thorns and weeds. The only way to overcome our adversary is to study God’s Word and get our hunger for it back. If we don’t do that, he will overcome us and our message, and the Church cannot, must not allow that to happen! The Spirit will guide us and protect us but we have to be willing to follow Him daily.

Our coming to God is not of our own volition because we are drawn by the Spirit. Once we claim our place in His service as Christians, God never lets go. We may walk away but He is always there waiting for us like a patient Father. The time which we have here on earth is to be of service to Him but so is our eternal service after this life. This will not be a chore, as some would think, but a glad and cheerful service as unto someone dearly loved.

The message which was given by Jesus to be spread to the “uttermost parts of the earth” was and is the good news of the Kingdom of God. This also includes the forgiveness of sins through our Lord’s suffering for all on the cross with His death and resurrection putting the final blow to the control over us by our sinful nature. Once we come to Him, believing in Him and the forgiveness extended to us through His sacrifice for us, we can never lose that which we cannot gain through any act of our own.

The sacrifice that our Lord made on our behalf is something that no mere man can accomplish, only the Son of the Most High God! Only the Lion of Judah could accomplish the forgiveness which was needed for the whole world. No law or man-made “thing” can accomplish this. Our so-called righteousness is as formless as a vapor and has no substance to it at all, especially from the point of view which God has. A perfect and Holy God cannot view imperfect man and his imperfect righteousness.

Life is getting to be interesting? Boring? Dangerous? Who knows!!

In our near future what do you think will happen? A nuclear war that wipes out most of humanity? A meteor which causes global catastrophe? Armageddon?

The last one is more likely than any of the others because it is predicted in God‘s Word but the battle of Armageddon will not be like the ones we see in the movies. It will be a bloodbath true enough, but the winner is already decided. It is a done deal and there is nothing or no one in the universe which will or can change the outcome. The prophecies in the Bible are true and about ninety percent, maybe more, have already come true. The rest are going to happen during the time of sorrows called the Tribulation.

It is coming and denying it will not help. I am not writing this from my own mind these are facts from God’s Word, I am just the messenger. The time that this will happen is not known by anyone except God Himself, but it was foretold more than two thousand years ago as well as the prophecy about the time which will come afterward. The Millennial Kingdom is the time in which God will be with His people Israel for one thousand years and teach them what they need to know about Him and how to serve Him. Those of us who are there as well will be living during this time in which the governor of the world will be Jesus.

The time is coming to decide which part of eternity you will be living in….the wonderful part with no suffering or death or the part where you will suffer for all eternity and be cut off from God forever. Choose Life by choosing Jesus today!