Life is getting to be interesting? Boring? Dangerous? Who knows!!

In our near future what do you think will happen? A nuclear war that wipes out most of humanity? A meteor which causes global catastrophe? Armageddon?

The last one is more likely than any of the others because it is predicted in God‘s Word but the battle of Armageddon will not be like the ones we see in the movies. It will be a bloodbath true enough, but the winner is already decided. It is a done deal and there is nothing or no one in the universe which will or can change the outcome. The prophecies in the Bible are true and about ninety percent, maybe more, have already come true. The rest are going to happen during the time of sorrows called the Tribulation.

It is coming and denying it will not help. I am not writing this from my own mind these are facts from God’s Word, I am just the messenger. The time that this will happen is not known by anyone except God Himself, but it was foretold more than two thousand years ago as well as the prophecy about the time which will come afterward. The Millennial Kingdom is the time in which God will be with His people Israel for one thousand years and teach them what they need to know about Him and how to serve Him. Those of us who are there as well will be living during this time in which the governor of the world will be Jesus.

The time is coming to decide which part of eternity you will be living in….the wonderful part with no suffering or death or the part where you will suffer for all eternity and be cut off from God forever. Choose Life by choosing Jesus today!