The real reason for the season

Although it is true that a pagan holiday was co-opted for the time of Christmas, it is not the reason that we celebrate. In our society today it is because of the gifts and presents that we want to give and that we want to get from our families and relatives. This is not the reason for our celebration either. Regardless of the actual date of Christ‘s birth, whether it was in or around September or October really doesn’t matter. Celebrating the birth of the Christ, the Messiah is the reason for the celebrations which occur every year at this time. The giving of gifts to one another is a repeat of the gifts given to Christ at His birth and the gift of Jesus to us by God the Father.

In our own way we attempt to emulate exactly the giving to someone that we care for, regardless of the value of the gift itself. The gift and its value should not be the only reason that we do this nor should the cost of the gift be considered. The thought and the feeling of appreciation between each person is what is being expressed by the gift and the giving, not the value of the gift. It has much more value if the gift is one that you make yourself as a gift and not one that you buy, especially if it is an enduring gift which will last for years.

Our lives are fleeting moments in time and we should not waste them worrying about trivial things which don’t matter and won’t be recalled a decade or more from now. The relationships which we have between friends and family and most importantly with our Lord are the most valuable possessions that we will ever have. These are priceless and should be treated that way.

God loves us so much that He, in the form of Christ, gave up His position as God to become a man. To be as we are. Frail, lonely, afraid, depressed, and to suffer through human existence so that He could know us better. To truly know someone and their problems you have to live as they live, daily, and that is what He did while He was here. He never stopped being God, but yet chose to live as a man willingly and to give His life to ransom those of us who will accept Him, even though He paid the penalty for all. He even paid the penalty for those who won’t accept Him as Lord simply out of love. No mere human could or would do that!

Give your life to Christ and ask Him to come into your life and truly make you whole. Your life will never be the same after that, but it will mean more than you can ever know.


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