New Year, New Commitment to ?

Happy New Year - The Daniel Fast

Happy New Year! Will this year be different for you and your friends and family? Possibly. The degree of the difference is up to you and the commitment that you make toward it. Are you going to change your life and the lives of others by doing something differently this year? I hope so.

Be committed to giving of your time and talent to others who need it. God gave you the talent that you possess in order to glorify what He can do and what you can do through Him. Your DNA did not just magically happen to form in the womb with the characteristics that you have. It was fashioned in that way by the Creator because He knew you before the world itself was formed!

That statement is one that puzzles most scientists and skeptics, but it is true. Why would a Creator come to this world as a man to give His life, as perfect as it is, as a ransom and a payment for all of our sinful ways if He did not know all about us and how many there would be that needed Him to do so? Our God is wonderful, powerful, awesome, gentle, kind, and loving toward His creation and He loves all of it, but especially us! Why would an all-powerful Creator love us when we, as fallible humans, have rejected Him for “things”?

If the Creator were a vengeful one, He would’ve destroyed and recreated us many times and yet He hasn’t done that but once. I am not saying this because He couldn’t but because He didn’t want to. Our world was created for us to use as stewards for His purpose and for ours and we have done a great disservice to that calling. That is the commitment that we need to get back to, being stewards of the world that we have been given and to those who need us to show them the way to God!

The world would have us believe that all that is important is profit, money, power, greed and what we can get out of life while we are here and many people live their lives that way. Those are the “ways of the world” but that is not the way that we were created to be! We were created to be servants and stewards. Servants of God and stewards of the gifts and talents that He gave us and of the world around us. Your life will never be what it was meant to be nor as meaningful until you give your life and your service to Him.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love thy neighbor as you love yourself. On this the whole of the Prophets and the Law hang together. (Paraphrase of Mark 12:30-31)

In His Service.


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