Is God in control?

Yes, absolutely! He has always been and always will be! Nothing escapes His gaze because He is everywhere! God cares for all of us, no matter what religion we happen to hold on to. God knows about everything that each of us do on a daily basis, even down to the birds and animals on this world that He created. Nothing escapes His notice.

Every word spoken, every thought that comes to mind, He knows about them. Each time you text “OMG” to someone you are using His name vainly, frivolously and He notices. Our Creator is a loving one and He has much patience but the time is growing short for His return and there are many things about our world and about us that He will not be pleased with. He has given us a way to know Him more intimately through His Son’s sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. If we only accept His grace as the free gift that it is and give our life and our heart to Him, our lives would be so much better. The world itself would be better.

In many ways, everyone’s life would be better by serving Him. Because that is what we were created to do, have fellowship with Him and a relationship with Him. That is exactly what the emptiness inside you is for….. to be filled with Him.