How many eye’s or “I”s are in your life?

“I” cannot save myself.

“I” cannot change anything about my salvation.

“I” can accept Jesus into my heart through faith then He can use me for His purposes.

“I” cannot open the door to Heaven nor shut the door to hell. The key to salvation has nothing to do with me personally other than my faith in Jesus. I can do nothing without Him but He can do anything with me when I have given up myself to Him. Jesus said that we must take up our cross daily and follow Him, what does that mean? It means that we must lay aside our wants and our desires and through faith in Him, follow His will for our life.

This is something which confuses many people, even those who have been “in the Church” for many years, whether they are saved or not. How do you know what His desires are for you? Actually, His desires are for what you can do with Him in charge of your life, not yourself in charge with Him in the passenger or back seat. It just doesn’t work that way. Many people have a bumper sticker which says “Jesus is my co-pilot” or something similar. That is not how a Christian‘s life is supposed to be, Jesus is supposed to be the one driving!

Our life is to be surrendered to Him, far more than modern people want to. We are not to possess anything except Him, not our stuff or our family and especially not our professions. I would rather be a slave of Jesus than be so enslaved to a job or a car or any other thing of this world.

There are many ways to serve Him, but the best is just by following Him daily. It is not hard to do once you give it a try, especially if you learn to lean on Him for the strength to resist those desires that are still there from before you accepted Him as your Savior. Read and study the Bible, pray about it while you read so that God will answer your questions while you read. Learn to listen to His voice, it may not be loud but it is powerful. Give God a chance in your life and your life will never be the same, it will be BETTER!