During the end times…..

There will be pestilences, and famines and wars and rumors of wars. Men will hate you because of Me and will persecute you. There will be a falling away of the faithful, men will lose faith in their religion and will despise it. These things will come to pass, but the end is not yet.

The paragraph above is a paraphrase of a few of the prophecies which Jesus gave to the twelve disciples about the time before His return but they sound like some of the headlines today. What will happen preceding the return of Christ and is all of this actually prophesied in the Bible? There are many questions that people have about this time in history because of the different prophecies from different cultures that refer to this time period.

Since Jesus fulfilled so many prophecies concerning the Messiah during His lifetime on earth, it is only fitting that we should believe the prophecies concerning His return. I know that many do not believe that the book of Revelation is true but since it was given to John by Christ and His messengers I do believe and I suggest that you should too.

Our world is going through a very tough time right now but it pales in comparison to what is to come. I write this to get people to really think about their relationship to God and to Jesus because it is vitally important for all of you. God loves us all and doesn’t want anyone to perish but without accepting Christ into your heart and reading and studying His word, there will be little hope.

I am not saying this to try to scare you but a time will come that will see people put into prison for their belief and for the possession of a Bible. Our world and the ones who rule over us have been manipulated by Satan and his fallen angels and they are still manipulating them to this day. They may not be aware of it but it is happening. The next few years, and I am not sure how long it will be, will show these things to be true and those who have believed and who have studied the Bible will know about these things and will be prepared as much as they can be.

The time to come to Christ is now, today. We are not guaranteed the rest of today, your life may end at any time so the time for salvation is now. Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week because it may be too late, you may not make it home from the store or to church. Our God and Messiah is awesome and He loves you. Give your life to Him as a living sacrifice today, you won’t regret it!


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